Carpet Cleaning Bidding Software Offers Pricing and Proposal Help

Carpet cleaners are a lot like janitorial business owners – they need help when it comes preparing a cleaning bid. While it’s easy to see they need something to help them figure out how to price a carpet cleaning job, other things they need a bidding program to do may be less obvious.

So, what else do carpet cleaners need from their bidding program?

Well, they need a program that not only helps them set the price, they also need it to give them a professional looking proposal which they can deliver in person or email to their customer.  Increasingly, documents are emailed rather than submitted in person due to the busy lifestyles of residential clients and the over-loaded work schedules of commercial customers.

Carpet cleaners also need to be able to customize the carpet cleaning proposal to impress even the toughest prospective client.  Being able to change the wording of sections of a proposal, such as the cover letter, gives the carpet cleaning business owner the chance to customize the message to accurately fit the unique prospect they are bidding on.

Carpet cleaning software can provide proposal wording templates which can be easily edited to change bidding documents from looking somewhat standard and boring – to incredibly unique and customized.

Anything else?  Well, yes.

There are a variety of carpet cleaning methods ranging from hot water extraction and dry chemical to bonnet pad and absorbent compound.  A useful bidding program needs to be pre-programmed to help when any one of these methods are needing to be performed.

While hot water extraction continues to be a very common method of cleaning in both homes and offices, there are times these other methods are preferred, or even necessary, due to the restrictions or preferences of the building or home where the carpet is to be cleaned.  For example, there may be no water access in one facility while in another a client will allow only bonnet cleaning for the monthly service of his building’s traffic lanes.

Next, carpet cleaning businesses need a program that can save their bid information – things like directions to the client’s home or office, security systems or even the prospect’s availability for scheduling purposes. They need the bidding program to keep this information organized and safe for later reference.

What kind of program can carpet cleaners what they are looking for?

Well, it’s carpet cleaning bidding software, of course. No surprise that technology would provide the answer to not only providing useful bidding help, but for creating customized proposals and for saving important customer information as well.

In this way, carpet cleaners are much like janitorial business owners, or really any home service provider, when it comes time to quote on a cleaning job – they all need an effective, multi-purpose tool that handles bidding, pricing and proposal.

Carpet cleaners, of course, will very often handle both residential, as well as commercial cleaning jobs, so whatever bidding software they choose should be able (programmed) to handle both.

While it’s easy to think that carpet cleaning is the same no matter where you do it – this idea is, at best, oversimplified.  The reality is cleaning the carpet in a home can very different than in an office for a variety of reasons including whether there are pets, high levels of clutter as well as access or scheduling issues.

In addition, residential cleaning may offer more frequent opportunities for added revenue and profits by providing carpet fabric protecting and deodorizing services, but at the same time also present additional expense challenges.

These cost challenges in residential cleaning can include factors such as a smaller amount of carpet generally available to be cleaned in a home versus a commercial building, the additional travel time necessary to get to and from a greater number of these homes, or other factors such as the level of clutter.

Finally, carpet cleaning companies can also find differences in customer’s expectations between residential and commercial accounts that can translate into greater or lesser costs.

Having a carpet cleaning bidding program to handle factors such as size, carpet condition and the amount of things to move, provides an enormous advantage to the carpet cleaner when it comes time to prepare a proposal.

In addition, while both commercial as well as residential carpet cleaners use the proposal as a tool to communicate their best marketing messages to the prospective client, they may have differences in that go beyond differences in wording.

Specifically, when bidding a residential carpet cleaning project, the service provider may want to shorten the proposal and make things, such as the headings of categories, less formal.  On the other hand, they may choose to may want to make the bidding document longer and more formal when bidding on a commercial job, even going so far as to include a contract or agreement section.

All of these things are possible through the use of a good carpet cleaning bidding software program.  Carpet cleaning business owners know they need to take advantage of every edge they can to compete in today’s economy.

Having a user-friendly and easily customizable bidding method can be one of those important edges – giving them a fast, easy and professional way to bid their carpet cleaning jobs.


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