FREE Janitorial Bidding Calculators Can Be Too COSTLY!

FREE janitorial bidding calculator. It doesn’t get better than that, right?

Well, not necessarily – not if you can’t figure out how to use it, don’t know or can’t find the data it requires to work and certainly not if it doesn’t get you the results you want. In that case, free may actually be costing you!

How can I say that? The very sound of the word ‘FREE’ is appealing, isn’t it?

To explain how, consider this old cliché: “You get what you pay for!”
These words express time-tested wisdom – specifically, the connection between the value of ‘something’ and what you paid for that ‘something’.

So, does this sage advice hold true for free janitorial bidding calculators? Well, if the limitations of many of these bidding tools are any indication, it does.

First, some rely on over-simplified, one-size fits all production rates or price per sq. ft. figures which produce, of course, equally oversimplified answers. And that’s where ‘free’ can cost cleaning business owners real money, especially if it leads to them setting prices that are either too low – not having sufficient profit built into it, or too high – keeping them from being competitive when bidding on commercial cleaning jobs.

Next, other free janitorial bidding calculators do not come pre-loaded with production rates at all, relying on the user to both know and manually enter their own task-specific cleaning times or overall production rates.

While janitorial contractors may benefit from conducting their own cleaning time studies, the reality is many, especially those new to the commercial cleaning business, have not done so and would feel ill-prepared to even offer answers to the question of what would constitute ‘good’ or reasonable rates.

In the end, many of these calculators appear to be little more than excel spreadsheets and with the only bidding help seeming to be – having the title ‘Janitorial Bidding Calculator’ pre-written at the top.

In addition, many free janitorial bidding calculators or software programs can be hard to understand and even harder to use. Again, one has to question the real value of ‘free’ when the user is left feeling the program either doesn’t ‘work’ or, at the very least, they can’t figure out how to make it ‘work’. Even ‘free’ cannot rescue something that is, at the very least, not user-friendly or at its worst, not useable at all.

Put differently; what is the value of a free janitorial bidding calculator or software program that does not adequately help the user to quickly and easily determine prices and generate professional looking proposals?

Not much.

Many of these free janitorial bidding software or calculators have other weakness as well. They may offer little or no technical or customer support. In addition, they may not be able to help generate a professional-looking proposal or job specifications report – two important ingredients in the contract cleaning sales process.

Therefore, many of these calculators may simply be free and that’s all; worth what was paid for them.

Well, for the owner of a janitorial business, serious about building a fast-growing and profitable cleaning business, that simply won’t do. Instead, the owners of successful janitorial businesses, and those wanting to join their ranks, know they need tools that can give them the results they’re looking for.

Is cost is an issue? Sure; but only in the context of the value (i.e. results) the tool can deliver.

To explain, here’s another cliché to consider:

‘Don’t step over dollars… to pick up dimes’. The sage advice expressed in this cliché is… to be careful of blindly chasing one ‘thing’ while completely missing another ‘thing’ of greater value in the process.

In the case of janitorial bidding, the lesson seems to be this:

Don’t lose sight of the real value of paid programs, blindly chasing instead, after ‘free’ calculators that produce little more than confusion.


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