How Can Cleaning Businesses Find More Jobs? Part 2

The Secret to Cleaning Businesses Finding More Jobs Today Isn’t Chasing After Customers with LOW Prices but in Attracting Them with MORE Value!

Developing a set of powerful Measurable Guarantees of Performance, specific service commitments which your company stand behind 100%, may be the single most important thing you can do to quickly move your cleaning business ahead of the competition… and out of the “lowest price trap”

What’s that? What is the “lowest price trap”?

Well, simply put, it’s the misguided and reckless strategy of chasing after your competitors by lowering your prices below what’s reasonable or profitable, in order to win the job or land the account!

It’s easy to fall into if you feel your only way to get and then keep work is by doing the same work for less.

    But, it’s not

Your MGP’s or Measurable Guarantees of Performance are the reasons why you’re different than the rest of the low-balling pack.

You don’t offer the “same” service. You offer a better service… and you’re willing to guarantee it!

MGP’s create value for your customers. Prospects are willing to pay more for businesses who offer more … value!

Taking the time to create your own unique MGP’s will allow you to quickly move the conversation from PRICE to VALUE. And that’s where you want to be.

By the way, if your experience ends up being anything even close to ours, you have little to fear in offering these bold MGPs;

Your worst nightmares of customers lined up to “pounce” on you to take advantage of your generous guarantees by demanding refunds… are seldom realized.

And an occasional refund having to be paid to a customer, where you did, if fact, drop the ball, may be a good thing now and again – a ‘wake-up’ call to keep you on your toes, force you to re-evaluate your systems and avoid ever becoming complacent.

Plus, the cost of an occasional refund should be far outweighed by the incredible customer satisfaction, loyalty and referral business resulting from the strong guarantees you promote, and the systems you use to make them possible.

Frankly, over our many years in business, we probably didn’t have more than a handful of clients who either legitimately deserved a refund due to our mistake (which we gladly credited them for), or on their own actually called us to take us up on any of our powerful guarantees.

In reality, human nature generally shows that the great majority of customers are not waiting anxiously to “hold your feet to the fire” to demand a refund; on the contrary, most want things to work out between the two of you.

How can cleaning businesses find more jobs? Again, start by creating more value.


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