Cleaning Prospects Want YOU To Remember…And They’re Right!

Quick story…

Early on, when we first got started in cleaning, I had a painful experience that taught me a valuable lesson. I hope you’ll learn the lesson and save yourself the pain.

It starts with me taking a cleaning proposal out to Mary, the office manager at a steel processing company near downtown, one day. Things went pretty smoothly.

We sat down together and went over everything in the proposal, talked about why they should choose us over our competitors, and ended up with me asking Mary if she’d like me to follow up in a week or so.

Mary responded. “No, no need for that, I’ll look it over, and then call you back.”

Fine, right?

Uhmmmm…no – not fine.

You see, I didn’t hear from Mary in a week. I didn’t hear from her after 2 weeks. In fact, I didn’t hear from at all. So, after a few weeks, I called her back saying, “Hi Mary, this is Dan with the cleaning company. I wanted to give you some time to look things over, but thought I’d touch base to see if you had any questions.”

She responded, “Well, Dan, to be honest, you’re too late, I never heard back from you, so we went with somebody else.”

Huh? I couldn’t believe it. But she told me she would call back, right?

Yeah, and how did that work out? Crash and burn is right!

I learned a valuable lesson that day. From that day forward I always took responsibility to follow up on every cleaning proposal in a timely manner.

Even though Mary said she would call, she didn’t. And it doesn’t matter if it’s illogical, or even if she was wrong – It was not her fault, it was mine. It was my responsibility to follow up, not hers.

Lesson learned.

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

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