Commercial Cleaning Sales Tip: People Buy from People

People buy from people.

I know – you’ve heard it before, but it’s so important, it’s always good to be reminded.


How does technology affect how people buy from people?

I love what technology can do for us – from instant communication to customized, professional cleaning proposals. It’s a thing of beauty.

But, what I hate or, at least fear, is the increasing temptation to rely on technology to do things it
wasn’t intended for – or at least doesn’t do well.

Case in point – personal, one-on-one relationship building (selling, customer service).

It’s hard to beat, sitting right next to your prospect when you deliver your bid – getting the chance to visit, explain things, answer questions, handle objections or, frankly, close the sale.

An email alone can’t compete – at least if it’s not combined with some face time between your prospect and you or your sales rep.

Tools are made to perform specific jobs.  Using the wrong tool for the wrong job is heading for trouble from the start.

Case in point -I once got the baked-on crud off a frying pan with a kitchen knife, and was thrilled – until I realized I had scraped off the coating from the bottom of the pan as well – oops, wrong tool.

There are many things technology can do better than ever before – and to compete successfully, janitorial business owners need to grab hold of every single one of them.

From sending e-newsletters to prospects (opted-in only, please) to emailing inspections, surveys or service reports to customers – technology can saves loads of time and money.

But – some things shouldn’t be handled only with technology – and making a personal connection with building owners and managers is one of those things.

A janitorial business owner meeting, in person, with a prospective client to do a walk through or review a cleaning proposal – it doesn’t get much better than that!

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

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