Credibility And Believability

We’ve talked about the importance of contacting our prospects about every 6 weeks.

This week, let’s talk about what messages we should be sending when we contact them by calling or by sending them a sales letter, brochure or post card etc.

To do that – let’s back up just for a second.

What do you or I look for when we hire a service tech
– plumber or electrician etc?

Well, of course, credibility and believability. Isn’t that right?

First, is the service person credible? Are they trained? Certified? Insured? Licensed? Are they experienced?

Those are some of the things we look for to see if we think they are qualified to handle the job; in other words credibility!

But, credibility is just the beginning. It’s NOT the only thing we look for – not by a long shot.

The second thing we ask ourselves is, ‘Is the service person believable?’

We want real stories from real people!
Proof. Testimonials. Isn’t that right?

We want to hear, or read, about real-life experiences from others who have done business with that service person or service company.

That’s one of the biggest ways we decide if they’re BELIEVABLE.

Summary: What do we want to send?

Well, it should be something showing our company is both credible and believable.

Important Note #1:

Have you ever noticed, how every building owner or property manager seems to have a horror story about a cleaning company.

Why do I mention this?

Well, because based on these negative experiences -proving our credibility and believability may possibly be even MORE important than in other types of service businesses.

Important Note #2

In our line of work, we often have a high level of unsupervised access to nearly all areas of a customer’s building. In fact, in many cases, we’re the only service provider trusted to operate alone in the building – after hours!

It’s another important reason why – proving our credibility and believability is so important to our prospects!!

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

3 Responses to “Credibility And Believability”

  1. Glenn says:

    Dan you hit on a very good point with the access to customers buildings. I advertise my previous work experience in the defense contracting world noting my clearance was TS SCI (Top Secret). I also advertise that we take security very seriously. I myself being involved in highly secured areas understand methods to use which help train employees to abide by a standard.

  2. KP Sparkle Cleaning says:

    Dan well said!

  3. CleanGuru says:

    Thanks KP Sparkle! Dan, CleanGuru LLC

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