Former Janitorial Business Owner Returns to Colorado

Jennifer and I just got back from Colorado. It’s been nearly 25 years since we lived there.

Time goes fast.

Anyway, it was great.  What a beautiful state; between the sky, mountains and my personal
favorite – the low humidity, it comes pretty close to paradise.

Now, to be fair, back home in Ohio, we think our neighbor to the north – Michigan, has an area
that’s as about as great – it’s called Traverse City along Lake Michigan and up towards the
the Mackinaw Bridge. Ahhhh…

Anyway, it was great – weather was gorgeous every day, but we did notice something shocking.

While we were gone – they built stuff – a lot of it.

Yeah, it was amazing to see the cities – little places like Greeley and Ft. Collins that have grown so much, we could hardly recognize them.

It was good to take a break to relax – going to have to make a point of taking more them.

Now that the kids have abandoned Jennifer and I – actually just left for jobs or school, but can
sometimes feel like ‘abandoned’, we’ll need to plan more trips – quite a beautiful country we have.

Quick story…

When we first got to Colorado, we headed right up to Estes Park, where you can drive up Trail
Ridge Rd. until you get to see the amazing mountains from an elevation of over 10,000 feet.

Anyway, all the tourists, ourselves included, are straining their necks to see if they could be lucky
enough to see even one elk roaming wild and free in this cold and rugged mountain wilderness.

Well, the good news is we were absolutely thrilled to be catch a glimpse of a few of them grazing from a distance.

The bad news is when we drove a short way down the mountain to the city of Loveland, Colorado, well, we spotted elk walking all over the place – along the side of the road and even on the golf course.

That’s right, people are ‘chipping and putting’ around them – not as elusive a creature as we thought.

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

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