Get The Regular Advantage!

If I had to choose between a regular customer and a one-time job, I’d take the regular customer nearly every time!

You might want to do the same. Here’s why:

Let’s say I had the chance to pick up either a one time strip/wax job where I could make a whopping $400 profit in one night vs. a regular office cleaning contract where I only made $145 a month.

Yeah – I’d still take the regular, repeating office cleaning job – every time!


Well, every account takes work to get started. All the stuff that goes on before the job starts.

There’s arranging to see the building, getting the keys, learning the alarms, lining up people to clean etc.
But, while it varies a little, it’s in many ways, basically the same work to get ready.

The difference is in how often you get rewarded for all that up-front work.

With a one-time job, you get rewarded as the name implies, just once, while with a regular monthly customer, you get rewarded every month like clockwork.

And even though the $400 you could make on the one-time job sounds great at first, in less than 3 months, you’ll have made even more than that at the regular monthly job. ($145 x 3 = $435)

And from then on, it’s smooth sailing, as the regular job, continues to churn out profits every month, leaving the one-timejob… behind in the dust!

Oh, and one other thing to think about.

Which customer is MORE likely to ‘stiff you’ when it comes time to getting paid:

Your regular monthly customer, or the guy you just did a one-time job for?

You know who.

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

2 Responses to “Get The Regular Advantage!”

  1. dendy lanot says:

    Thank you so much Dan! May God bless you more!

  2. Vincent E. Webb Sr. says:

    Indeed, I ran into this situation. I took a home on a bi-weekly deal, where I get 144.00 a visit so 288.00 a month from one regular customer. The other job was a guy that wanted a one time cleaning on a home 3400 sq ft. I gave him a price of 500.00 as there were some areas that would take more effort and time to clean. He wanted his done the same day as my regular customer. I passed him on to someone else. In two months I will have made more than that. Dan is right, you have to weigh the outcome and the consistency.

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