How Do YOU Find New Cleaning Business?

Are you a gambler or a farmer when it comes to finding new jobs for your cleaning business or maid service? The answer may surprise you!! In this video, Dan describes both ways of growing your janitorial business – and why one way may be MUCH better than the other!

Before you’re done watching this fast paced video, How Do YOU Find New Cleaning Business? you’ll hear how ‘gambler’ cleaning business owners rely on ‘chance’ while ‘farmer’ ones rely on ‘working their field’ (target market) so they can count on it to consistently provide for their business and their family year after year!

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You’ll watch a few, short minutes of video loaded with practical ideas, tips and strategies about what it really takes to flip a cleaning business from painful to profitable. Want to Flip Yours?

One Response to “How Do YOU Find New Cleaning Business?”

  1. Mark Hearn says:

    I have been in the cleaning business for 13 years and 99% of the business I have is a result of cold calls. Usually I leave behind one of my flyers.I try to do two things by doing this. I get a contact name, and if nothing else I hope they keep my flyer on file. I stay in touch with prospects with mailings and phone calls. The reason I find cold calling is the best way to go after business for me is that this is the first face-to-face contact I have with the prospect. There have been countlees times where I have walked in to a prospect and they have asked me to do a walk through because they are unhappy with their current company.Also while cold calling you also have a chance to see new prospects moving into new location, and buildings. Things you may miss if you did strictly mailings. I liked the segment that you did on cold calls. I would like to see some more of this if you can. Keep up the good work!!

    Mark Hearn

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