How Many Brochures Should My Cleaning Business Send Out?

I understand why people are always asking how many
brochures to send out per week – I really do.

But the question of whether to send out 100 brochures a week or 100 brochures a month, isn’t really the right question.

(By the way, I wish they would ask, “How many strong, direct-response sales letters should I send out each week?”…but I won’t go down that road again today!)

Anyway, the right question, or at least, the better question, isn’t really one question at all, but rather a series of several questions.

Here are a few of the most important ones:

1. What is our cleaning business’ monthly sales goal?

2. What is the average monthly price of the cleaning jobs we bid on?

3. How many marketing pieces such as a sales letters or brochures do we typically have to send out to building owners and property managers to get a request for bid?

4. How many of those bids turn into new janitorial accounts?

Can you see how simply asking how many marketing pieces to send out is putting the “cart before the horse”?

Instead, try this…

Start with a sales goal first, and then work your way backwards to figure out how many accounts you’ll need on average to reach that goal AND how many bids you’ll need to submit to land that many accounts AND how many letters or brochures you’ll need to send out to get the necessary number of requests for bids.

Get the idea? Now, that’s a better way of coming up with a strategy that will get you where you want to go!

Let’s look at an example…

Let’s say, we wanted to add on about $3000/mo. in new commercial cleaning business.

By watching the response to our marketing, we might learn that it takes 50 marketing pieces per week to get 3 bid requests per week, which produce 4 new accounts per month, which add up to to a total of approx.$2,500 – $3,500/ mo. in new cleaning business.

So, we might plan on sending 50 pieces per week as a strategy to get us to our monthly sales goal.

But plans have to be ‘watched over’ – and this is no exception.

If you find your strategy isn’t producing enough requests for bids to get you to your goal, or too many requests for you to keep up with, you always need to be prepared to make adjustments

But your better off making a few minor course corrections to a well thought out plan, rather than a big overhaul-like changes to a strategy that wasn’t thought out well in the first place.

Whoever the cleaning business owner was who asked me this question may have been asking the wrong question, but at least they knew enough to ask so hey could find out the right ones!

Our teachers were right – there are no dumb questions!

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

8 Responses to “How Many Brochures Should My Cleaning Business Send Out?”

  1. Sonia mejia says:

    Thankyou dan

  2. DLiebrecht says:

    You’re welcome Sonia, glad you found the video valuable. Wishing you and your cleaning business much success this year. Dan, Clean Guru LLC

  3. Marc Lisenby says:

    Great video, Dan. We are in the Atlanta market and I wonder about the effective result of mailing out brochures in such a saturated market. I am concerned that all of that marketing effort may just get discarded along with all of the other offers. Can you offer any feedback about markets such as Atlanta when it comes to direct mail? Thanks for all you do to help each of us!

  4. DLiebrecht says:

    Hi Marc, thanks for your note and glad you’re finding the emails and videos valuable. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to quantify the differences in response/effectiveness of marketing of one city /market vs. another. But, there are ‘things’ you can do to reduce the chances of your direct marketing mailer being, ‘discarded along with all of the other offers’ – i.e. taking steps to make sure your mailer doesn’t look like the others – can help. For example, personally, hand addressing each envelope as well as using a first class, real ‘live’ stamp vs. bulk rate postal mark. Hope that helps and wishing you much success in your cleaning business this year, Dan, CleanGuru LLC

  5. Virgilio Angulo says:

    Hello Dan
    After sending out my company info and Cleaning Offer, I always lock up and are short for words when calling back to request the business .
    What would you suggest..

  6. CleanGuru says:

    Hi Virgilio, first of all, ‘hang in there’; it’s perfectly natural to be a little (or a lot) uncomfortable when calling back to a prospective client. As with many things, you’ll become less nervous (and more confident) with time and practice. Here’s a few tips you may want to keep in mind:

    Stay calm – as in so many situations in life, keeping calm helps. Rather than thinking you have to convince your client to hire you, remind yourself this call is simply one more step in the process of getting to know your client. Again, just try to make a relaxed, real connection. Simply introduce yourself and briefly explain why you called:

    1 – that you understand they are in charge of deciding who will clean the building
    2 – that your company cleans or is trained to clean buildings much like theirs
    3 – that your goal is to begin to get to know them and earn their permission to submit a cleaning proposal for their consideration
    4– be prepared to answer any questions, as well as, IF they or the situation calls for it – describe your company’s unique strengths.

    The key is to, as much as possible, keep things pleasant and professional. The good news is if you’re calm, your prospects will generally be relaxed too and willing to talk to you. In fact, more often than not, you may find them open to the idea of ‘you contacting them from time to time to stay in touch’. And, once in a while – they may want you to put together a cleaning bid proposal for them to review right away.
    Hope that helps and best regards,
    Dan, CleanGuru LLC

  7. Virgilio Angulo says:

    Thank you Dan.

  8. CleanGuru says:

    You’re welcome Virgilio. Wishing you much success in your cleaning business, Dan, CleanGuru LLC

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