How to Bid on Cleaning Jobs NOT Obsessed about LOW Price!

It would be great, wouldn’t it – to find prospective building owners and property managers who weren’t so obsessed about getting the lowest price.

Well, you can – and in this fast paced video, Dan explains how you can start finding and bidding on commercial cleaning/janitorial and residential maid service jobs that are – less price sensitive than what you’re probably used to bidding on today. Here’s a hint – it’s about who you target and how and when you advertise to them.

Thanks for watching our video – How to Bid on Cleaning Jobs NOT Obsessed about LOW Price!, but, don’t stop there – be sure to check watch the video:

Where Many Janitorial Businesses ‘Miss the Boat’! where Dan shares a few of the main ways cleaning companies can get distracted – and even miss the boat altogether if they’re not careful. Then Dan reveals an example of what actually may be one of the most powerful keys to succeeding in cleaning

You’ll watch a few, short minutes of video loaded with practical ideas, tips and strategies about what it really takes to flip a commercial cleaning or residential maid service business from painful to profitable. Want to Flip Yours?

4 Responses to “How to Bid on Cleaning Jobs NOT Obsessed about LOW Price!”

  1. Terry Bilder says:

    we will start doing this

  2. DLiebrecht says:

    Terrry, sounds good. Thanks for your note – and wishing you MUCH success in your cleaning business. Best regards, Dan, Clean Guru LLC

  3. SYED ALI says:

    can you able to find janitorial sales person in Indianapolis, Indiana and surrounding boundaries. thanks and you have a wonderful holidays.


    Ideal Cleaning One

  4. Scott says:

    I agree Dan about something you offer that may target the right customer on what you do or they like in something you said or method on cleaning specialities. My big problem for me as much as I offer better services than most in my area, I am flooded with these crooked cleaning companies on Craigslist passing out business cards under customers doors and going back and back to creep low price cleaning and their undocumented workers working in their business. It’s a tough market to sell what you know best and the low price companies saying all the same thing. It’s really the consumer is uneducated on the low price bait sales pitch and as much as I measure and measure putting all the details, the bottom line is the low price chance the potential customer will take by getting sucked in for the cheaper service.

    I would recommend putting a video in your spare time to describe the difference in what professional means, especially when there’s no specific janitorial license depending what state mandates cleaning licenses but to point out that millions of cleaning ads such as Craigslist or even the old yellowpages saying the words “we’re professional” or “professionally trained” when their is really no agency that regulates cleaning companies. If you could put your two cents in this subject on defining professional cleaning when people use professional. It is my view that professional doesn’t exist if there is nothing regulating professional cleaning services but I think if you could put a video on this term “professional” would be a good discussion to talk about people using that work in their business.

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