In the Cleaning Business – You Want to Sell ‘Apples to ORANGES!!’

You hear it all the time – people want an ‘apples to apples’ comparison, at least they THINK they do. But, you sure as heck don’t, at least not when it comes to explaining the differences between you and your competitors.

Before you’re done watching this fast paced video, In the Cleaning Business – You Want to Sell ‘Apples to Oranges!!’ you’ll hear Dan describe how and why you need to create a striking difference between you and the ‘other guys’ when it comes to how you deliver your cleaning services.

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2 Responses to “In the Cleaning Business – You Want to Sell ‘Apples to ORANGES!!’”

  1. Scott says:

    The problem is the price is always king. When you hand in a 12 to 16 page bid, with all measurements from room to room, time, chemical brochures (like if only use Spartan Chemical, or we use an Activeion sprayers if people ask about being green or mention we buy nothing from the Dollar Store or HomeDepo for example), you include your E-Verify registration papers that your business is hiring legal employees, you present in your bid you pay your workers health insurance (letting the customer know that the taxpayer does not have to pay you to be in business because we provide our employees’ health insurance when about 99.9% cleaning companies do not pay health insurance), you inspect bathrooms with black lights to show the customer the current cleaning service is lacking cleaning abilities by showing them what you’ve found, you even take a clean cloth with a brush to show them the grout buildup from dirty mops, you even present them better paper goods at corporate rates because if a distributor like’ s cleaning company it’s the one that pays the build immediately gets the best rate (low bidding cleaning companies are always the ones known not to pay their janitorial paper suppliers so they don’t get best rates which you want to pass on the best discounts to the customer (explaining to the customer you’re A+ payment record with the distributors) and etc.
    The bottom line as much as explaining your about being the best, the most qualified cleaning company hands down the best; that customer maybe their bookkeeper or owner is going to look at the bid at the annual cost, what does it cost in one year is always the biggest picture to a customer if they want to spend more or not. If a customer can save money and if they can save $1000.00 or $3000.00 or whatever a year than they are willing to hire the lowest bid again (as many are going from cleaning company to cleaning company and firing them looking for someone better end up with the same lousy service) especially when if they have 5 bids for example and 4 of the bids is near each other in low cost and questionable service when you presented the best bid and you are the most qualified cleaning competitor hands down, the price is what always wins it over. The lowest bids always win 7 to 9 out of 10 of the time from what I have experienced. When you have nothing but cheap dirt low balling competitors in your area, they are flooding the gates to every customer you may end up with another bid and bid and bid and never hear from those customers again when you drive after hours who they hired and that competitor does, low balling. It is what the customer wants is the lowest price which does not pay for the services you want to provide as listed above but really I find 9 out of 10 customers don’t care about E-Verify, chemicals, your health insurance information or references most of the time, they care about the price, that’s all that mostly matters and it is sad.

    The competitors are giving bids on cheap carbon paper or on 1 to 2 page Microsoft word sheets with no measurements, no references, no E-Verify information, no chemical information, nothing but a price so low that is worth them to take another risky cleaning competitor.

    I do agree with you Dan, I wish this was a different story but with these lousy dirt cheap cleaning companies and with they’re being too many of them, they run the show.

    This was not about the cleaning industry 20 years ago, back then it was about getting the phone call and you landed the job, today its about giving a bid and deciding to waste your time to write them a bid and know you may never hear them again.

  2. John says:

    I agree the lowest cleaning companies get the job and those companies make nothing but extra work for themselves they wish they did not bid so low and going to find ways to profit after winning an account that my be a lot more work than estimated. Sooner or later they will lose that account. My suggestion is consider a city ordiance to manidate an EVerify regulation. It may not be prefect but if an ordiance is in place you have the advantage to tell the customer on EVerify that the ordiance requires an employee check on the competitors if your complying with it. The only bad thing about EVerify is businesses can hire people under the table and never register their employees but in some point they will face questioning especially a city audit on that company if you report it in. Would help weed out those low bidders and the customer would have less choices.

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