Today, let’s start a grocery list of ingredients that should be included in really any successful sales letter or marketing piece?

And, a great place to start is to see how FEATURES of your cleaning service can provide clear and desirable BENEFITS to your prospect.

Start by using some 3 x 5 index cards to jot down all the features of your service.

Heres’ just one example:

1. Proven track record of satisfied clients; with a list of current references.

Then jot down the important part to the prospective customer – that’s right, the corresponding BENEFIT they prospect could receive from each FEATURE.

For example:The confidence of knowing they’re dealing with a proven company.

Let’s do a couple more…


2. Fully trained associates; using both classroom and on the job training.


2. The pride they’ll feel when tenants, or better yet, his boss, ask him how he found such a great a cleaning company that does such a wonderful job!

Ok, here’s another example…


3. Full service provider offering other cleaning services, i.e. tile maintenance.


3.The convenience of being able to easily take care of extra jobs like carpet cleaning, on request, by calling you; that’s right – one-stop shopping!

Alright, one more…


4. Staff certified in safety requirements.

4. The peace of mind of knowing your staff has necessary safety training!

Now, how do we put these features and benefits into our marketing piece?

Let’s look at an example.

One feature of your company may be that in addition to standard office cleaning, you offer other special services like carpet care & tile maintenance.

You may describe this feature and related benefit, to your customer in your sales letter as follows:

“Got VIPs coming with short notice? Don’t worry!
Any time you need your tile stripped & refinished, or your carpet cleaned, you can sit back and relax, make one quick-call to us, and watch as we promptly have our fully trained & certified floor techs use their 5+ years of hands-on experience handle every detail.
The 1st class results are 100% guaranteed to make you SMILE!”

Can you see how powerful this process of identifying features and describing the related benefits to your prospect can really be!

Take some time to identify as many features of your service as you can, as well as, the benefits they bring to your client.

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

3 Responses to “Ingredients”

  1. Dan,
    I find each time I read your tips they start to turn my wheels. I put myself in the clients place and the things you use to allow the client to make decision makes sense.

  2. franklin says:

    You really are our Guru… learning a lot from you.



  3. DLiebrecht says:

    Franklin, Thanks so much -glad you find the videos etc. valuable! Wishing you MUCH success in your cleaning business!! Dan

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