It’s Not JUST Janitorial Businesses Chasing Price!

Think janitorial businesses are the only ones recklessly slashing prices in the desperate hope of landing more jobs – Think again.

I spoke with a sales rep from a Jan San Supplier the other day. Wow, you should hear their side of things. I’ve mentioned in the past that when we were when we were tired and at our wits end with problems, we used to half -joke that the real ‘MONEY’ in cleaning wasn’t in the actual cleaning – but in the selling of chemicals and equipment.

Well, after hearing my friend, the JanSan Distributor rep tell about the man-your-battle-stations, prices lashing wars these guys have to fight each day, well, I may have to cut ‘em a break and stop portraying them as… the ‘tycoons’ of the cleaning industry.

You see, he said the very things we hear cleaning business owners say every day. What’s that?

Well, you know the drill – ‘The customers only want the lowest price. That’s all they care about. Period.’

He was frustrated – business was tougher than ever, and he felt his only weapon to battle this war with was, you guessed it – PRICE. Lowering it, of course.

Sad. Really, more than sad, put in biblical terms – the path to destruction.

But, it’s understandable, without a reliable way to get new business at prices that produce a fair profit – janitorial companies, or really any business owner or salesperson can feel completely helpless.

Nothing worse than feeling completely trapped – with no idea of how to get ‘un-trapped’.

But, you can… get un-trapped, that is. Here’s how:

As quickly and effectively as possible, learn and implement the very best marketing, sales and profit strategies you can find.

At Clean Guru, Tony and I will continue to share our best ones with you – the ones that help us to ‘Flip our cleaning business from painful…to PROFITABLE!”

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

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