Janitorial Business Alert: Creativity is Overrated!

Creativity is overrated – really, it is.

How can I say such a thing?  I mean, creativity is the answer behind so many amazing solutions to everyday problems including cleaning problems – right?

Well, ok – right, but, hold on, because that’s only part of the story – and a relatively small part at that.

You see, while everyone would love to be the inspired genius who comes up with the creative, never before seen solution – it’s rare.

Certainly, wonderful when it happens -but rare.

So, why mention it?

Here’s why – the good news is creativity is highly overrated. That’s right – for the vast majority of successful people, success comes primarily NOT from creativity – but implementation.

Successful people are implementers – doers. Successful people get things done, put things in place, get things started – and finished. Their slant towards action rewards them more than waiting for inspiration.

In fact, inspiration, if it does come, normally does as a result of the many things learned while implementing – doing.

Creativity is exciting – but, implementation makes things happen – and builds things up. And, most of all – implementation is within the reach of all us – within our control.

While true creativity may be enjoyed by the lucky,gifted and inspired – we can all reap the rewards that come from dedicated doing – implementation.

Creativity is great – but implementation is what get things done. Grandma was right again – ‘Busy hands are happy hands’.

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

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