Janitorial Business Owners Force ‘Lock Down’

Janitorial business owners force a ‘lock down’ – on their time, so no one, or no thing, can steal it.

At least, the successful ones do.

That’s right, the smart owners of commercial cleaning companies know they can’t make any more time – so they need to jealously guard every bit they do have.

But, even for the most disciplined ones, it’s not easy. It seems EVERTHING is desperately trying to take over whatever little time you have in a day.

TV, kids, the internet, news, politics, facebook, home repairs, neighbors, even well intentioned friends and co-workers.

It’s not their fault.  All of these ‘things’ are good – in fact, they make up our lives.  So, if any one of these ‘things’ isn’t the problem – what is?

It’s US – it always seems to come right back to us. We are the ones who decide how we will spend (invest) the hours of our day.

We are the ones who need to figure out the schedule of commitments for each of the hours of the day.  We may not feel like we’re in charge of that decision – but we are.

It’s not easy…I’ll give you that much.

In a world of kids, employees, customers, co-workers family, friends and neighbors – it’s easy to feel like you can’t make a schedule of any kind and actually stick to it.

No one said it was going to be easy.  Fortunately, we don’t have to be perfect, just get better at it.

There are those among us who jealously protect their time, try to impose some order onto ‘things’
(i.e. a daily schedule, a weekly plan) and commit to doing only those things during certain times.

And guess how they generally do compared to those who take their day as it comes, figuring it out… as it goes along?

Yeah, the planners generally do better…much better.

My father is a disciplined man.  He’s the guy that buys the lifetime membership at the gym – and shows up every day.  Yeah, he’s the guy they ‘lose money’ on. I suspect the health club owners are grateful there aren’t too many like him around anymore.

Anyway, I’ve never done a scientific study, but I have a hunch, the overall fitness of the handful of
committed members who show up every morning to workout is, let’s just say, above average.
Time is one of our most valuable assets.  How we are rewarded by it depends on how we invest it.

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

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