Janitorial Business Owners GONE WILD!

The look of fear and panic in the eyes of many janitorial business and commercial cleaning company owners today could make you think they’ve gone wild!

Can you blame them?

Isn’t that the way any sane person would feel whose had to stand by and watch many of his or her best janitorial customers get ‘stolen away’ by some slick-talking cleaning franchise, empty-promising national management company or low-balling competitor?

You know who I’m talking about – outfits who don’t think twice about offering ridiculously low prices to get unsuspecting, or not so unsuspecting, clients of yours to ‘jump ship’.

Only later, do the customers realize they’re sinking in the new cheap ship – left with holding a bag of empty promises about how they were going to get great quality at a super low price!

But, by then, the damage has been done.

So, can you really blame these cleaning business owners from wanting to scream ‘foul’?!

Nope – at least, I can’t

But, once the screaming about the unfairness-of-it-all is over, these cleaning companies need more than frustration to win new clients and win back the old clients they’ve lost – they need a plan.

They need a plan that makes the case for value OVER price.

A friend of mine puts it this way… ‘Price is only an issue when value is not clear’.

Well put.

The fussy and fuming about price is the result of not making your value proposition clear – crystal clear. If, however, you offer a valuable list of benefits of doing business with your cleaning company, you make it obvious to your prospect that your price is actually an incredible VALUE.

Result? They’ll be a lot less, if any, squawking (that’s ‘complaining’ for the city folk) about price!

Your competitors will probably never admit that their prospect’s constant whining about prices being too high has anything to do with them.

Only a strong cleaning business owner will consider the possibility that it’s something they are doing, or in this case, not doing that’s causing the problem.

But, you can be the exception.  You can be the strong janitorial business that does take on the responsibility of making the case for value over price.

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

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