Janitorial Business Success… Isn’t For Kids!

My wife and I have 3 kids. Well they’re not really kids anymore; more like young adults.

Anyway, the point is I remember what kids are like – come in from school, drop clothes, books, everything on the floor and crash in front of the TV.

It’s a pretty good gig. Kids get to act, well, ‘like kids’ which often means enjoying life – kid code for… ‘doing as little as possible’!

It’s ok. I understand – we’ve all been there. We were all kids once too. (ok, a long time ago)

So, I’m not complaining. It just brings to mind something important about having successful janitorial business – really a successful anything.

If you want to have something of quality that works all the time…it takes more than a kid-like effort.

It just does.

It takes some heavy-lifting, especially at first, putting together the pieces of the puzzle so your business systems can be counted on to work – every time.

Quick example – How about putting together the pieces of a successful marketing program?

Well, we’ve talked about how that project is going to take more than 1 day – yeah, that job consists of more than 1 thing.

We all know having a successful marketing plan for you cleaning business means putting together a sequential series of pre-programmed, pre-scheduled direct response letters, calls, surveys, postcards etc.

That takes work.

And what about networking, seo, social media or ‘local search’ for your cleaning business’ website?

Yep, all important – but, there’s more…

There’s properly crafted direct marketing messages, MGP – Measureable Guarantees of Performance, compelling offers, deadlines, call to actions…

Again, all important, and the list goes on and on….

Now, any kid may understandably want to dump those ‘things’ on the floor and simply veg-out in front of his computer or tv for the night -but you and I can’t.

We need to do what adults do.

We need to learn step-by-step how to put these elements together – and then actually do it.

That’s the tough part, but adults do what needs to be done – even if they don’t feel like it.

Ask any parent.

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

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