Janitorial Business Tip: Write Thank-you Notes

How could something as old-fashioned as a thank-you note be valuable in you cleaning business – in today’s world?

How could something so simple even compete in a day filled with Gmail, Smart phones, Skype and Droids?

But it does.  Why?

Well, because, while technology continues to change at a frantic rate – people don’t, at least not what they care about – what makes them tick.

People always have, and always will, appreciate being appreciated -and nothing does that better than a personal thank- you note. You see, getting a personal thank you note from someone touches people in a way nearly nothing else can.

Don’t believe it? Let’s take a look.

First, there’s the greasy muffler shop where you’re likely to find one or two prized thank-you notes taped to the wall.  Or, listen to Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes explain how much he appreciated the hand-written notes he had gotten over the years.

How much?

He showed them on the air. That’s right, he didn’t throw them out.

People don’t just appreciate thank-you notes, in many cases – they treasure them and often hold on to them for years.

We hear so much about marketing, selling and advertising as ways of creating relationship with our prospects. But, thank you notes are as powerful as any of these things in helping to create and grow real relationship.

Few things are more personal and more powerful than taking the time to tell someone how much you appreciate them.  And, in a business world of seemingly endless competition – you can set yourself apart personally and professionally by this small act of kindness.

Writing thank you notes: The perfect New Year’s resolution for your cleaning business- or anytime resolution!

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

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