Janitorial Business WARNING: Don’t Get Tricked…like the Elephant!

That’s right, don’t get tricked like the elephant – at least NOT, if you want to build a fast growing and profitable janitorial business.

Here’s why.

Well to begin with it’s not that elephants aren’t strong – they are.

They’re said to be the largest and strongest land mammals in the world – able to lift huge logs with their trunk.  Even pull down a tree.

So, they’re strong.  But, here’s the thing:

For many years in Asia, elephant keepers would ‘tame’ wild baby elephants in a rather unusual way.

They would secure the baby elephant’s leg to a tree or stake in the ground, by means of a rope
from which, as hard as the elephant tried, he could not escape.

The elephant eventually learns, or put differently is brain-washed into believing, despite his best efforts, he simply cannot free himself when his leg is tied to a tree or stake by means of a rope.

And here’s the interesting thing…

Even when the elephant has matured to full size, when its leg is tied to a tree or stake by rope or
chain – it will still NOT run away.

That’s right, even though it could now at full strength, easily free itself from the relatively flimsy rope and stake – it won’t.


It doesn’t believe it can.  Sad, but fascinating. It is trapped not by reality, but rather, something even more powerful – its beliefs.

We can be like that elephant, if we’re not careful.

In spite of the fact nearly all of us have what it takes to succeed, we don’t.


Well, often because we have allowed ourselves to believe we can’t. We think we aren’t good enough, smart enough, or, just as sad, simply not worthy of being successful in our cleaning business.

We wrongly believe that janitorial business success is for other people – not us.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I’m not sure they train wild elephants that way anymore – but, I know that you and I certainly
shouldn’t allow ourselves to be victims of this kind of brainwashing in our lives now or in the

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

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