Janitorial Marketing That Works!

It’s not a question of simply doing more of same kind of image type advertising many of the ‘big players’ in cleaning use.

And, it’s not even a question of ‘buckling down’ and doing a better job of writing your own version of the kind of ads those big guys use.

Nope – the question isn’t whether it’s better or whether you do more of it, the question is:

Whether or not it’s DIFFERENT – so different that it works better than theirs, faster than theirs and more efficiently than theirs!

Big cleaning competitors may have luxury to have the money to afford general, image ads droning on about how ‘they’re bonded, licensed and insured’ or that they’ve been in business since the ‘discovery of fire’!

You and I don’t.

We need to use powerful marketing messages and direct response advertising methods that are different, measureable and effective.

The army of direct response marketers who successfully use and teach direct-response marketing is long and distinguished, experts like Ted Nicholas, Dan Kennedy, John Carlton and Bill Glazer -just to name a few

All of these ‘greats’ know direct-response marketing can be THE key to advertising that gets results that are not only powerful and effective, but measurable and efficient as well.

Direct response marketing involves a number of ‘things’ most image type ads include only weakly, or not at all -‘things’ like powerful headlines highlighting your USP (Unique Selling Proposition, UCA (Unique Competitive Advantage) or as we teach MGP (Measurable Guarantee of Performance).

In addition, direct response advertising emphasizes the importance of strong sales copy, as well as the use of a clear call-to-action, reason to respond NOW, deadline guarantees/risk reversal, proof (testimonial, before & after, product reviews and demonstration), regular scheduled follow-up, and the list goes on.

It’s a lot to learn, but it’s worth the effort.

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

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