Janitorial Marketing Tool: A CLEAN Office!

Ever been in traffic and had a carpet cleaning van pull up next to you that’s completely filthy – inside and out.

I mean the kind where it looks like they literally just threw everything in the back, hoses, buckets and rags, the works – and then slammed the door shut fast.

The best part is when the sign on the van boasts about how they are 100% dedicated to top-notch quality and professionalism.

They may even have a sign on the van with their name being something like ‘Elite Executive Pristine Carpet Cleaning’.

Give me a break.

I understand if someone can’t afford a new vehicle – Tony and I couldn’t for a long time and even when we could, we might snag a used one in great shape instead.

So it’s not whether it’s new or not.

But, at least, take care of what you’ve got. It can at least be – clean and organized. And that’s what customers want too.  Many of their buildings are not new either, but they just want what you want – for it to be kept,  that’s right, clean and organized.

Now, that’s something we can all do – that’s something within reach.

We turned this clean and organized ‘thing’ into a powerful marketing message.

Here’s how:

We made it a point of pride to keep our office looking great – very clean and very organized, so we could send an important message into the marketplace.

And we did.

One of our marketing letters had a photo of our office with a headline that asked our prospective client whether their current cleaning would be comfortable having them stop out to see how clean their office was.

We went on to give our actual street address and invite them to stop over and check us out anytime – unannounced!

It made a point.

But, of course, it forced us to get and keep our own act together - first.

It’s really at the core of all powerful marketing messages – create a unique difference in your own company that’s important to your prospects….FIRST. Then you can let them know about it – then you can promote.

Put differently, first you have to BE THE CHANGE – before you can promote the change. It may seem hard – and it can be, but it can be MORE than worth it.

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

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