Janitorial Selling Rule #1 – Be Yourself

It’s funny. You wouldn’t think it would be that tough – just trying to relax and be yourself.

But when it comes time to meet your prospective customer it can take some getting used to.

You want to be relaxed when you sell, but the selling situation can make a person, well – nervous.

It reminds me of when I first started to shoot videos. I thought I was relaxed; but when the camera turned on, something changed. That’s right, it ‘threw me off’.

And even though, I think of myself as a pretty outgoing person, but it didn’t matter, I still got a little tense – ok, a lot tense… in the beginning.

In fact, when I look back at some of the earliest videos, I cringe a little.

I can see myself getting ‘tight’ – and it just doesn’t come across as well as some of the later ‘stuff’ when I felt more relaxed.

Selling cleaning can be like that.

The good news is it does get better. For some – quickly, for others more slowly…but fortunately, over time, it gets better for nearly everyone.

So, if you’re a natural – and selling is easy, like falling off a log – you’re lucky; count your blessings and just keep it going.

But, if you feel you’re in the ‘other’ group; the ones for whom it does not come so naturally – just hang in there; don’t give up.

And with every walk through or bid presentation, you’ll get more and more confident.

To a great degree, the difference between ‘nervous newby’ and ‘relaxed selling pro’… is mostly just time and practice.

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

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