Message and Frequency: Why You Need Both in Marketing Your Cleaning Business

Message? Absolutely – having something important and compelling to say is vital to success in marketing your janitorial or residential cleaning business services. But there’s something else you need if you want to connect with a prospective client over time and earn their trust. (hint; it’s the same thing that will allow you to create the ongoing top-of-mind awareness you want them to experience so that when they’re ready to make a change – they think of YOU.)

Check out today’s fast paced video where Dan explains the TWO big reasons why frequency is important in marketing.  Plus, he’ll reveal the super-effective ‘Soap Opera’ effect and how it can be so valuable as a marketing strategy in the cleaning business today.

Thanks for watching our video – Message and Frequency: Why You Need Both in Marketing Your Cleaning Business, but don’t stop there, be sure to check out our video: How Short, Simple TRACKING Cal Improve Your Life and Your Cleaning Business where Dan explains why tracking certain cleaning business metrics can be valuable AND easy – if we set up the process the right way. Plus, Dan will share an example of exactly what one of these short, simple tracking methods could look like.

You’ll watch a few, short minutes of video loaded with practical ideas, tips and strategies about what it really takes to flip a commercial cleaning or residential maid service business from painful to profitable.  Want to Flip Yours?

One Response to “Message and Frequency: Why You Need Both in Marketing Your Cleaning Business”

  1. Scott says:


    I normally tell them that if anybody says their professional during a group walk through or private walk through to the customer, that there is no such thing as a cleaning license to be considered professional, except in one State there is a cleaning licensing agreement but not in our State. I tell customers that cleaning companies only use a fictitious business license as there is no regulation in the cleaning industry such as for bidding jobs or anything to regulate cleaning companies to run their cleaning business, they can bid anyway they want if they want to bid low or anything to cheat the business and the customer. So I always tell the customer that if you shop on Craigslist for example and there’s a million postings on Craigslist daily on Cleaning ads and 97% of the ads say they’re professional, don’t believe it as it is all a conflict of interest on an industry that is not regulated. Customers don’t think logically when they get bids from companies and during walkthroughs, especially when cleaning companies don’t measure, ask questions or present any information than a carbon sheet of paper with just a price on it and that’s all. When there’s no such thing as a cleaning license then what does the consumer go upon, so upfront you tell them that anybody can start cleaning business tomorrow whether they’re an illegal immigrant family, someone on parole, a high student or etc, I mean no experience, just how do go upon trusting a cleaning business and what people are doing to run that business with no regulation for example. I briefly tell them the basic things on any cleaning service what they should look for and be concerned about.

    Two, I tell them that we are not desperate by not taking every job there is as this diminishes loyalty. I tell them on a scale of 1 to 10 that 7 out of 10 cleaning companies bid so low that profit doesn’t meet the IRS because they want the job so bad based on fear. Companies like this take as many jobs as they can get where the current customer becomes a number of diminished quality; no us.

    Three, we tell them all our employees are US citizens and we only hire US citizen workers only, that scratches out undocumented workers.

    Four, we tell them we need to measure, measure all the rooms and etc to get an idea based time, price and commitment to do the job. So we tell them, we are not the lowest company even if you give us a price what they’re currently paying now, we can either come close or we are nowhere near to matching the price as the current cleaning vendor is probably running an illegal cleaning operation.
    Fifth, we ask them are you searching for a new cleaning service or you trying to replace a cleaning service that is not committing to the job? When they tell us they are having cleaning problems and they want more quality, we tell them “if your expectations are high then our guard has to be up for cleaning services because you’re concerned and want something better” which will definitely cost more. Low cost cleaning is probably illegal of either the staff are illegal (low pay) or running a trash & dash operation or both on a whim cost service. We have to be clear with the customer so we’re not wasting time writing up unnecessary bids that are going to get tossed in the trash can because we charge more than 95% of the competitors in our area.

    Six, if the customer is looking for cheap & only cheap or will not except a walk through but over the phone, we walk right out the front door and say no thanks.

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