P.S. Remember to Use P.S in Marketing YOUR Cleaning

Some things in life defy logic.

For me, it’s golf.

Seems the harder I try, the more effort I put into the swing – the better my shot should be.

Seems logical, but - it doesn’t work.

Truth is, the harder I try, that’s right, the more I ‘grip it and rip it’ – the worse things go.

Apparently, a good golf swing has MORE to do with learning and practicing a smooth, relaxed swing.

Unfortunately, let’s just say – a slow, patient, relaxed and easy doesn’t exactly come naturally to me.

So, like I said at the beginning, a lot of things in life and in business surprise you, some even defy logic.

In marketing, the importance of a P.S. is like that.

That’s right, a P.S. or Postscript used at the end of a marketing letter is very important.

But most people wouldn’t think so.

Yep, most people think a P.S. is simply an afterthought – something simply added on to the end of a letter for the heck of it.


Check out what I’m saying. That’s right, look it up online or in a reputable marketing book and I think you’ll find it’s absolutely TRUE.

In fact, some studies show the P.S. gets more attention than nearly anything else in your marketing piece – except the headline.

So, here’s the tip – make it count.

That’s right! Whatever you put in your P.S. make it powerful, make it work for you.

What could it be? Here’s a couple ideas:

P.S. Remember – call by 4:30 PM Friday, August 12th to get a FREE exterior window cleaning for your building when we submit a cleaning proposal!


P.S.S Hurry! Schedule your carpet cleaning job by July 31 to receive a professional grade, 4 ft. carpeted floor mat absolutely FREE!!


P.S.S.S Don’t forget.. when you sign up by Midnight, Thursday April 8 to have us supply your consumable poly/paper products, we’ll give you a case of toilet tissue absolutely FREE!

Discover the Guru in YOU,

2 Responses to “P.S. Remember to Use P.S in Marketing YOUR Cleaning”

  1. Craig says:

    How does one determine what % the profit margin,overhead should be? I do have the software,I have a couple of bids to work on. I spoke to my accountant the figures she gave me didn’t look right. I don’t want to cheat myself or the potential customer.

  2. DLiebrecht says:

    Hi Craig,

    Thanks for your note. You’ve asked a good question. Below is a brief explanation of how we use percentages (proprietary sliding scale that adjust to the size of the job) to estimate overhead and profit amounts in bidding janitorial office cleaning jobs:

    The definition of Overhead and the approach to calculating it varies greatly from company to company. That being said, here is our approach:

    We consider Overhead costs as those expenses ‘over and above’ Wages and Payroll Taxes. For our purposes, overhead would include direct costs associated to the account such as perishable equipment and cleaning supplies, as well as a provision for each account to ‘contribute’ to, or ‘carry’ its respective share of, other ‘burden’ costs such as rent, phone, and non-direct salaries (i.e. admin etc.)

    We use a propriety sliding scale to assign a percentage factor to each job based on total labor. However, you can and should adjust the percentage to reflect the size of your company or your unique expense requirements.

    Next is ‘Profit’ which also is also pre-loaded with a proprietary scale reflecting our best recommendation and based on our personal experience in the industry.

    Again, however, just as with Overhead, Profit can easily be changed by the member to more accurately reflect their company’s requirements and/or geographic location.

    Finally, ‘Price’ is shown. Price is simply our recommendation – and calculated using the final figures for the categories described above.

    As with the other categories on Price tab, the price can and should be changed to reflect a member’s own preferences and/or requirements.

    In the end, the CleanBid Program including the Price tab is essentially a tool – one we hope members find to be extremely useful and easy to use – but, one which can and should be adjusted to reflect one’s own city or company requirements whenever possible.

    Hope that helps and just let me know if you have any other questions or would simply like to discuss further. Our office number is 888-531-4878 Monday- Friday 9 AM – 5 PM EST.
    Best regards,
    CleanGuru Support

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