Reinvent Your Cleaning Company Before It’s Too Late!

Scary, I know, but let’s be honest; today isn’t like yesterday.

Yesterday, you might have been able to “pick and choose” which buildings you wanted to clean.

Today, you’re just downright grateful for every customer you have and every office you clean!

Yesterday, you could expect to see at least a few decent applicants apply to work for you.

Today, you may be wondering where all the truly hard workers have gone.

, you could go out and land cleaning jobs where you’d have enough hours to clean the way you’d like, that delivers the kind of quality you like to give.

Today, you question whether or not anyone even cares what the cleaning will actually look like – as you watch your prospects skip everything else… and go right to the price page!

Yesterday, you could count on your ‘contacts’ who’ve gotten to be friends of yours over the years, to always be there.

Today, the building and property manager contacts you’ve developed over the years – can disappear in a ‘puff of smoke’ as your friend is suddenly transferred, reassigned, laid off, or has his or her position eliminated altogether, leaving you standing there like the nervous, new kid at school, wondering who to sit next to at lunch.


I could go on, but I won’t, because the point is clear.

Today isn’t yesterday.

Sure, but not impossible.

In fact, the very fact, that things are harder and more challenging means that if you can find a way, or create a way to meet these challenges, then you will stand out from the crowd!


Well, let’s look at two ways to ‘reinvent’ your company to meet these challenges head on…

Operational and Strategic

First, let’s look at OPERATIONAL.

Here we’re talking about finding better ways to get leads, bid jobs, land jobs, hire, train and motivate people, control expenses and manage quality with systems that work for you all the time – not just some of the time.

Then there’s STRATEGIC.

What’s that?

Well, these are ‘big picture’ decisions designed to respond to, and capitalize on, the new and changing world you’re running your cleaning business in today.

Let me tell you just a couple of the strategic decisions we’ve made over the years…

We decided to expand the geographic area we serviced from 30 miles to 60 miles by boosting on-site supervision, hiring close to the account, and cross-training associates to cover for co-workers, if necessary.

We decided to change the internal reality of our company by stepping up to, and guaranteeing, a set of higher level service standards to – set us apart from our competition!

And then we pro-actively educated our prospects to the differences between us and the competition.

Here’s an example:

Our Customer Service Guarantee:
We will return any service call within 1 hour, and respond to any service request within 24 hrs. of being received.* exception: schedule floor maintenance

We decided to increase our profit margin without raising our general monthly cleaning charge, by concentrating price increases to extra services such as carpet and tile maintenance, as well as, the consumable poly/paper restroom and lunchroom supplies.

And, a fuel surcharge on floor work and product delivery.

We decided to limit our target market to buildings requiring a minimum of (3) three times per week cleaning where we can clean after 5 PM and have key/code access.

We decided to expand our market by targeting additional types of buildings we were interested in, like churches, and then niched our marketing to speak directly to that target.

Take the time to think about what operational and strategic steps you want to make to move your company in new directions, after new markets, in new geographies, with new pricing strategies in a new way.

You don’t need to fear tomorrow.

There are answers to the challenges we face. We can face them together.

8 Responses to “Reinvent Your Cleaning Company Before It’s Too Late!”

  1. Vic Dennis says:

    This is helpful info in considering all Janitorial contracts. Thanks.

  2. William says:

    Yes, these are difficult time. I have decided to hire people without experience and trained them my way. I pay just a little bit more than the competition to my new employees with experince.We have challanges but these steps are helping.
    Good luck.

  3. DLiebrecht says:

    William, thanks for your note! Congrats to you for finding ways to overcome the challenges we currently face in the cleaning business. Wishing you much success! Dan

  4. Eunice says:

    Dan how would you handle an existing client who decides to cut down on number of janitors from 6 to 4? And would still expect the same high standard of clean?

  5. CleanGuru says:

    Eunice, you’ve asked a good, however a tough one to answer properly/thoroughly here. A reasonable answer to how to ‘handle’ the situation you described can generally be found – only after knowing much more about the actual situation; specifics about you, your cleaning company, the competitors, if any and, of course, the actual client. For example, here are just a few possible questions that might need to be asked and answered: WHY the client has decided to cut the number of janitors, HOW were the hours originally determined, WERE they tied to a specific set of cleaning tasks needing to be performed and WHICH if any of those duties can possibly be changed or eliminated to see if it’s even possible to construct a cleaning program which can meet the client’s expectations, allow for sufficient time for the cleaning staff to accomplish the agreed upon cleaning tasks – and, at a price the client will accept and you find meets your profit expectations. It’s a tall order. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, but as in many things ‘the devil’s in the details’ and the situation you’ve described sounds quite challenging to resolve without learning much more specific information. Best regards Matt, CleanGuru LLC

  6. Mike says:

    Dan first thank you for all the information your system has been part of my business for several years now and I would not be where we are today without Clean Guru program! Love it!
    Question: I was referred to a prospect that was not happy with the current crew since their manager left…quality went down, predictability was inconsistent, they did not wear uniforms, communication was vague, etc.
    We showed how we could improve in all areas and provided a thorough proposal detailing these concerns he brought up and his response was great but you are 20% higher what can you do about that. I responded the price was adjusted as low as possible according to time and details discussed. He ended the conversation. Any suggestions on how to handle this differently in the future? It was very disturbing.

  7. CleanGuru says:

    Hi Mike, thanks for your note! Glad to hear you find our info valuable in growing your cleaning company.

    You’re right, it can be frustrating when you submit a cleaning bid proposal for a client who is UNhappy with their current service only to hear them complain your price is somewhat higher than the company they want to get rid of – especially when you feel your specs/cleaning plan and price are appropriate/fair. (…however, that can be the source of the ‘rub’; meaning they may say they want X plan but are not be willing to pay the X price associated to that plan)

    People are often ‘funny’, you know, in an illogical way that can be very frustrating.

    Can often be best, before 1) saying OK and folding to their demands or 2) saying NO and ‘walking off in a huff’ – to pull back and think about what’s really going on -and, how you want your cleaning to respond to these kinds of situations (because unfortunately, they’re could be more of them coming)

    Here is a list of videos and/or emails I’ve created over the years which address on one or more elements of the question you’re asking…

    If you go to CleanGuru.com and click on ‘Blog’ near the top of the page on the right… you’ll be able to search for these titles in the list.

    Some may be in the Archive, so just click on the link next to Archived News, Articles & Blog can be found by – clicking here –

    Hope they help and wishing you much success in your cleaning business,

    Here is the list:
    Offer Options to Land More Cleaning Jobs
    What Do Customers in Your Cleaning Business REALLY Want
    How Your Cleaning Proposal is Viewed
    Powerful but Under Used Bidding Strategy
    Questions and Answers in Selling Cleaning
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    Show and Sell – How to Overcome the Price Objection in Cleaning

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