Selling Janitorial Services the Easy Way

Let me tell you a story…

A man was showing a silver dollar to his son. As it lay cradled gently in the palm
of his open hand, he asked the boy if he would like it.

The eager boy quickly responded “Yes!”

Closing his fingers into a tight fist around the coin the man challenged his son “Then you’ll have to take it from me. You’ll have to get it out of my grip!”

The story is meant to show how, in many cases, things of great value are not secured without a great deal of effort.

True enough.

But, while it may be true that brute force is one way to “get the coin’ – SOME truth is not ALL truth – meaning there may be other ways, better ways, to achieve the same result.

Like what?

Well, let’s say it was extremely hot, the person holding the coin was incredibly thirsty, and there wasn’t a source of relief in site.

Well, in those conditions, offering an ice cold beverage in exchange for the silver dollar may be more than enough to get the person to freely, gladly and quickly unclench his
fist. No drawn out struggle needed.


Because of another truth, and that is, offering something of great VALUE can have ‘coin holding” prospects WANTING to open their hands, faster and with less effort, than you may have ever thought possible.

The challenge for us in the janitorial cleaning business is to find out not only what our prospects really WANT but also how to get it for them – consistently.

Now, that’s VALUE.

And offering VALUE can not only open ‘closed fists’ quicker and easier than ‘brute force’, it does something else that’s just as important.

It leaves your prospective client appreciating you for helping them rather than resenting you for forcing them.

Make sense? Yep, makes cents!

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

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