Take a Small Step Back to Earn a BIG Step Forward in Your Cleaning Business

No one wants to do it – and that’s the opportunity. What is it? Well, take a step or two back to do some heavy lifting; things like change systems, procedures or people. But, those painful steps back are often the price successful cleaning companies pay to create dramatic differences between themselves and their competitors.

Check out today’s fast paced video, where Dan gives practical examples of what areas of a cleaning company are available for you to take a ‘step back’ in – in order to make dramatic, lasting, game changing improvements.

Thanks for watching our video ‘Take a Small Step Back to Earn a BIG Step Forward in Your Cleaning Business’ –but, don’t stop there, be sure to check out our video:

STOP Worrying About Being a BIG Cleaning Company where Dan reveals how – more important than being a BIG cleaning business is creating a place you can be proud of; where you, your employees and your customers work well together – and, of course, where you stay profitable.

You’ll watch a few, short minutes of video loaded with practical ideas, tips and strategies about what it really takes to flip a commercial cleaning or residential maid service business from painful to profitable. Want to Flip Yours?

2 Responses to “Take a Small Step Back to Earn a BIG Step Forward in Your Cleaning Business”

  1. harry green says:

    can u help me to do things u talk about

  2. CleanGuru says:

    Hi Harry, thanks for your note.

    You may find the free resources (videos and blog posts) available on our CleanGuru.com website. In addition, here are some marketing ideas/strategies we recommend and I thought you might find useful:

    1. Decide on who you want to clean. Rather than a broad, shotgun approach, we suggest cleaning businesses target a certain type of building or customer (i.e. medical, office, retail etc)
    2. Once, you determine who you want to clean, we suggest building a select list of companies that meet that criteria by using, for example, an online business list service.
    3. Next, we suggest identifying the decision maker. You can call each location to determine the name of the person or persons responsible for hiring the cleaning service at the buildings on your list. See S.M.A.R.T. call at CleanBid.net resources (videos/email).
    4. We recommend you create and follow a pre-scheduled list of marketing steps which you may include sending a series of powerful direct-response marketing pieces to the attention of the decision maker (the person in charge of hiring the cleaning service) at the businesses on your targeted list, following a preset schedule.
    5. Maybe most important of all, we believe creating a powerful message, including Measurable Guarantees of Performance, and proper formatting of the necessary elements of an effective marketing piece are some of the most important, yet challenging, parts of the process. We worked hard to make sure our marketing message was much more powerful than ‘We are bonded, licensed and insured.’

    As you can imagine, there is a great deal that goes into effectively implementing the steps and strategies above, but I hope you find the information provided above helpful. And, again, you may find the additional FREE videos and blog posts we have posted under resources at CleanGuru.com helpful.

    Best regards,
    Matt, CleanGuru LLC

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