Targeted Lists Get Maximum Results!

In the movie, The Patriot, Mel Gibson in his role as a revolutionary war patriot, asks his young sons if they remember what he taught them about using a rifle was THE key to good marksmanship.

They do, and quickly answer together, “Aim small, miss small!”

They knew if they wanted to improve their chances of hitting the target, they needed to narrow down their view, and focus their attention.

Same thing is true for hitting any target.

We’ve already touched on this before, when we talked about the importance of deciding which kind of accounts you want to clean, your niche, and which you don’t.

Today, we want to look at creating a very select group, or list, of highly targeted prospect companies – ones that have as many of the characteristics you’re looking for as possible.

Your target list may consist of 50, 500 or more prospective buildings, a lot depends on the kind of accounts you want.

For example, if you’re going after post-construction clean-up work within 50 miles of your office, you may to have a small list of say, only 25 general contractors – who you want to direct the focus of your your marketing efforts towards.

If your looking to do residential, home cleaning, you may have hundreds or even a thousand or more homes that fall into your targeted service area with the demographics you’re looking for.

As we’ve mentioned, our niche was providing general office cleaning and related services, three to five night per week in the early evening to professional, industrial, and manufacturing facilities
within 50 miles of our office.

We worked on narrowing down our list as much as possible!

We determined our very best accounts would be professional, industrial and manufacturing companies that had between 25-150 employees.

Why 25 -150 employees?

Because those were the companies that generally had enough employees to warrant hiring a cleaning service… but not so many they handled the cleaning themselves using their own in-house staff.

Interestingly, a lot has changed in recent years.

Now, with the increased trend towards outsourcing…even companies with 250 or more employees became good prospects for us.

Anyway, back to the story;

We used a business database company to find out who met our guidelines and came up with a list of about 375 companies that “fit the bill”.

That was our target -the companies we would direct our marketing efforts towards.

You can do the same thing.

Find out who your absolutely best accounts would be, and make a targeted list of them.

Soon, we’ll explain what to do next, once you have your target list. For now, remember… Aim Small – Miss Small.

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

9 Responses to “Targeted Lists Get Maximum Results!”

  1. did you include buildings that were managed by 3rd party property managers and had many tenants in the same facility? If not did you target facilities where there was only 1 company in the facility?

  2. DLiebrecht says:

    Susan, we did clean buildings where there was a property manager involved. We preferred, however, to work with ‘owner occupied’ buildings. But, the main point for us was the characteristics of the building in question – rather than who handled/arranged for the cleaning.

    As long as they were a good ‘fit’, meaning had the things we looked for from our target market (i.e. sq. ft., frequency of cleaning/week, able to get access, able to be cleaned in the evening between between about 5 PM and let’s say 11 PM) then they were OK for us to pursue – regardless of whether we had to deal with a building owner OR property manager. Hope that helps.
    Wish you much success! Dan

  3. dendy lanot says:

    Thanks a lot Dan! More power to you!

  4. Lupe says:

    Dan, I love your tips! could you give me an idea on how to find a business database company? could you recommend any? that would be great! thanks.

  5. DLiebrecht says:

    Hi Lupe,
    Years ago, we used an online source called InfoUSA – which now may or may not be available. However, if you search for online business directories, you should be able to find a number or potential sources such as ReferenceUSA, Experion or Hoover. There was a charge for the service when we put together our list which was based on a very specific criteria such as locations, size, type of business (SIC code) etc. However, you may be able to find a number of sources either through the library or online that are available for free. Hope that helps! Dan

  6. Jaime says:

    I am thankful for you sharing your advice and I have learned some new things by reading and watching you. Thanks!

  7. michael says:

    Hi Dan it is great to have you share a lot of valuable info.
    Do you ever do individual mentorship?
    I am working hard on trying to piece together a system from your information and begin to move forward into “marketing & managment”
    I would love to have a sounding board along the way.
    Sincerely Michael

  8. DLiebrecht says:

    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for the note and I appreciate you asking – but I don’t currently offer one-on-one coaching. For now, we continue to focus on developing and programming software we believe will dramatically help our cleaning business members at Clean Guru such as invoicing, inspection etc.

    But, again, thanks for asking – and I’ll be sure to let everyone know when we’re able to offer those kinds of individualized coaching programs.

    Have a great week,
    Dan, Clean Guru LLC

    P.S. by the way, you may want to check out our CleanSuccess video coaching program at CleanBid.net. It’s a weekly coaching series which you may find valuable.

  9. Matthew says:

    Hi Dan

    Indeed your teaching have really help me a lot and i know its has helped so many who have subscribe to your page, basically have been in this business for a year and half and i want to grow beyond irrespective of the year, although i have embrace the process its take me to get their and i will keep embracing till i get there, but still as at now I am not really cool with whole lot of things.

    i have been doing more of office cleaning and less of post constructions and other, how can i do with this?, because my own thought is maybe my approach is not strong enough to get the job. i will like you to put me through this


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