The Bulldozer Story: Level The Playing Field For Independent Cleaning Businesses

The Bulldozer Story? Really? This is about a bulldozer?

Well, actually, yes, it is. You see, one night, when I came home from the office my wife had a gift for me – a bulldozer.

Let me explain…

It was one of those small trophies- the kind you get for playing little-league baseball during the summer. But instead of a little ballplayer sitting on top of the little square of black marble, mine had a yellow bulldozer!

That’s right, a bulldozer, the small, toy, for you old enough to remember, “hot wheels” kind. But rather than saying “Summer League Champs!”, mine reads simply “Level The Playing Field!”. Sure, just words, but powerful ones, and full of meaning and hope.

So, now, I guess it’s official; the whole family is on board! They all want to see Tony and I “kick – you know what” on our mission to “arm” cleaning folks with as many sales and profit tools as we can – as fast as we can! The kind of tools that FINALLY give independent cleaning contractors a leg up to compete, and win, against the “big guys”.

I think you know who I mean. You’ve probably seen their shenanigans already. Their slick-marketing, empty promises, and low-balling prices can give hard working, independent cleaning businesses “fits” during the day….and the “cold sweats” at night!

So, we’re diligently working on it every day – trying as fast as we can to bring you the “stuff” you need – the “stuff” that really works in dealing with these “big guys”!

You see, they don’t want you to think you can do it. Yep, they want you to think it’s all a big “mystery”; that it can’t happen for just anyone, or at least, not you! And they want you to believe you “wouldn’t understand it”, or even if you did, you certainly couldn’t do it.


So you give up and just walk away – giving them one less competitor to have to deal with.

But don’t. That’s right, please don’t!

You can do it! And we’re working on tools to help in a BIG way.

So, hang in there!

And don’t worry, Tony and I will not forget what we are supposed to do….I have a BULLDOZER sitting in the middle of my desk to remind me every day… all day!

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

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