The Keys To A Successful Walk Through – Part 2

Last time, we talked a lot about preparation.

Today, let’s discuss another important key to success – once you’re past the doors and standing in the lobby.

That’s right, first, comes the receptionist.

How you treat the receptionist tells a lot about you,
sets the tone of the walk-through, and may even
determine whether you get the job!

Don’t believe me? Think about this for a minute.

What means more to the prospect,

1. “What you say about yourself” or

2. “What others say about you”?

That’s right, we’ve talked about this before, when we were discussing the value of testimonials.

Often, the answer is, “What others say about you” because first hand “reports” about you are more believable.

So, let’s get back to the receptionist. Let me ask you this:

Have you ever noticed when your contact walks you out to the lobby, when your appointment is done and you’re about to leave -

WHO is there right next to the contact as you walk out the door?

The receptionist! Right?

Yes, that same receptionist you spoke with just 30 minutes or an hour ago.

And if you don’t think the receptionist and the contact very often chat about you after you’re out the door… then you’re crazier than half politicians in Washington!

The truth, of course, is they often do talk about you when you walk to your car and what the receptionist says about you can make a difference.

Sometimes, it’s just a small thing, like:

Receptionist: “He seemed very nice and professional”

Contact: “Yes, I thought so too!”

If you impressed him or her with your respect and professional manner, you may have just got some FREE, but priceless PR delivered to your contact.

On the other hand, if the conversation goes more like:

Receptionist “Boy, I gotta tell you Sue, he was so rude and pushy when he first came in. I was surprised.”

Contact: “Really, thanks for telling me that” “Hmmm … we’ll see.”

So, it’s a good idea to follow the advice we hopefully all got at a very young age, “Treat everybody, the way you’d like to be treated.”

Mom was right… again!

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

5 Responses to “The Keys To A Successful Walk Through – Part 2”

  1. Mark Hearn says:

    Truer words were never spoken. You never know who you will come in contact within a company that may have an impact on whether you get the nod or not. My attitude is always treat everyone you meet with courtesy, and respect. You never know where they might end up.

    Keep up the great work!!

  2. Thanks,Dan You were on the money with the advice. I will follow your sugesstion for sure. Please keep it coming.
    Sincerly, Anthony Powell
    Partners In Cleaning

  3. DLiebrecht says:

    Anthony, glad you found this episode useful! Wishing you much success! Dan

  4. David D. says:

    This is sooooooo true Mr.Liebrecht. I am a lead generator and I follow the same process as you just explained for the Sales Rep.. But,as a Lead Generator who is making the initial calls for a Sales Person,is there anything that you find beneficial on my end that I can do more of?

  5. DLiebrecht says:

    Hi David, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, don’t think I can be of much help because in our approach we don’t use/recommend phone calls as the primary means of lead generation. Instead, we teach/suggest cleaning businesses first create an internal reality in their company that allows them to offer a unique benefit to prospective clients. Then, to make one’s target market aware of what are sometimes referred to as USPs or Unique Selling Propositions UCAs or Unique Competitive Advantages or as we refer to them as MGPs or Measurable Guarantees of Performance – by creating/following an ongoing, series of prescheduled marketing steps which may or may not include contacting the prospect by phone. Our marketing steps could include using a direct response marketing approach in a wide range of activities including direct mail pieces, sales letters, brochures, series letters and/or consumer awareness reports/guides. In general, we suggest using the phone call not primarily for ‘selling’, but rather for ‘identifying’ – specifically to identify/confirm the name(s) of the decision maker(s) – which we call S.M.A.R.T calls. Best regards, Dan, Clean Guru LLC

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