The ONE Thing Janitorial Business Marketing Should NEVER Be

So, what’s the ONE thing janitorial business marketing should never be?

Drum roll, please…..here it is:


It’s true – the biggest reason why the marketing used by many cleaning companies isn’t working is something as simple as the fact that… it’s BORING.

You know what today’s world is like, right?

It’s not a secret – It’s fast, fast, fast and people are overwhelmed with information – News. Sports. Ads. Online. Offline. Mobile. Skype. Text. 24/7 Twitter. Facebook.

It’s not information they’re missing. It’s not facts they’re short of.

Nope, here’s what’s missing: Something so unique, new and interesting that it literally
commands their attention!

Now, brace yourself, here’s a question: Is that what your marketing is doing?

In today’s fast paced, mind-numbing world, where people’s attention span is shorter than ever before, here’s the question put another way:

Is your marketing saying something so NEW, so ENGAGING and so EXCITING that it virtually ‘grabs your prospect by the collar, gets them to ‘sit up and take notice’ and ‘compels them to act’?

I know….that’s a lot to ask for.

But that’s what it’s going to take to get the attention of today’s consumers. And I’m not just talking about care-free, texting-crazed teenagers…nope, I’m talking about nearly everybody, and that includes building owners, property managers and purchasing agents.

Yep, these folks are running as hard and fast as everyone else…maybe faster, and they’re so overwhelmed with info, ads, brochures and sales pitches…that if you allow your marketing to become boring – you’re sunk.

The good news is – you’re marketing doesn’t have to be ‘boring’ and you don’t have to be ‘sunk’.

You can craft exciting, fresh, interesting marketing messages highlighting how your cleaning business is different from your competition in new and important ways.

Stick around, we’ll talk about how you can do this more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible.

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

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