Are BIGGER Cleaning Jobs Right For Your Janitorial Business?

It’s scary, isn’t it? Just the idea of bidding on the cleaning for a big, beautiful office building can be intimidating. It’s understandable – there ARE real things to consider before tackling larger cleaning projects. And we’ll talk about those considerations in this video. But, we’ll also talk about the equally as real – potential upside bigger accounts can mean to your cleaning business – if you can successfully learn to find, land and keep them. And before we’re done with this episode of “Flip My Cleaning Business from Painful to PROFITABLE!” we also reveal how ‘what you believe’ can be THE determining factor in how you ultimately decide whether to go BIG.

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Thanks for watching our video “Are BIGGER Cleaning Jobs Right For Your Janitorial Business?”
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12 Responses to “Are BIGGER Cleaning Jobs Right For Your Janitorial Business?”

  1. Kenneth Tillman says:

    Thanks once again Dan! You just confirmed my beliefs and motivated me to reach out for the big ones>

  2. DLiebrecht says:

    Hi Kenneth,

    Thanks so much! Glad you find the emails and videos valuable! Dan

  3. Frank Vasquez says:

    As always your information is valuable Dan, thanks so much for always sharing your expertise. Can you do a video on your experience with cleaning medical offices? Thanks Dan!

  4. DLiebrecht says:

    Frank, thanks for the nice note – glad you find the videos valuable! I’ll definately make a note of your suggestion. Wishing you much success in your cleaning business, Dan Clean Guru LLC

  5. Robert says:

    Hi Dan, I really enjoy your videos but I have a question. Before that let me explain. I understand that you can’t quote exact pricing because of the differences in jobs but that being known let me ask you this. Is there a ball park figure on how long it might take to clean the average office building say around a 10,000 square foot building with say 6 offices two restrooms and one break room, the rest warehouse. Can you give me a ballpark and I do mean ballpark figure on about how long it should take in hours?

  6. DLiebrecht says:

    Robert, you’ve asked a good question – one, unfortunately, which will take more room to explain than is available here. So, I’ll send you a separate email to respond to your question. However, here, I will simply caution you not to fall into the trap of relying on oversimplified, one-size-fits overall production rates or price per square foot ‘going rate’ rules of thumb when bidding on janitorial, office cleaning jobs. As in many things in life, the devil is in the details – and so is the profit or loss. But, again, you’ve asked a good question – and, I will send you an email reply to offer additional information and explanation. Best regards, Matt, Clean Guru LLC

  7. Charlie says:

    Hi Dan,
    Thanks for the motivation. Quite frankly, I am just a bit intimidated by larger accounts. My company has a few now, and you’re right, they really aren’t that much more work to manage. But still……. Thanks for the kick in the back side to aggressively go after them.

  8. DLiebrecht says:

    Charlie, thanks for your note – and, you’re more than welcome! Sounds to me like you’re on the right track! Congrats to you and wishing your cleaning business enjoys MUCH success this year. Dan, Clean Guru LLC

  9. John says:

    Charlie, Thanks for motivational points. I am just now marketing my start up. I too have been looking at those big clients, and yes some of those building are a bit intimidating. Question, if i land a big contract with workload above my staffing capabilities, is it logical to sub out some of the work until I staff up, or should I pass on that large contract.

  10. CleanGuru says:

    John, you’ve asked a good question. But as you can imagine, not an easy one to answer properly without knowing the specifics of the project. As in so many things – the ‘devils in the details’. However, here are some questions you may want to think about when considering what to do: Do you feel you’ll be able to get the quality you need to achieve if you sub out part of the work? How will subbing affect your profitability? Does the potential client know or care that you may sub out the work rather than handle it with your own trained employees? How long do you think you’ll need to sub out the work before you’ll be able to take care of it with employees; ones you hire and train? Matt, CleanGuru LLC

  11. James Perry says:

    I have questions I went to a rather large hotel and cleaned 2 rooms FREE just to hopefully get their business. And a week later I followed up, so now they are thinking of doing business with me and ask for a price , the rooms are in bad condition stain, red stains, lots of debree.i need help with a starting figure

  12. CleanGuru says:

    Hi James, am I correct in thinking the work you performed was cleaning the carpet in those tw rooms? If so, it can be a good idea to take a minute, like you are, to carefully consider factors like the ones you described (bad condition, red stains, debris) before setting your final price for a large project. For example, if the two rooms you cleaned were typical of the rest of the facility, it can help to compare how long it took you to clean the rooms you did — to how long it normally takes you, and adjust your prices accordingly. Plus, in situations where you are looking at bidding on a large facility and you are still unsure of how long the cleaning will actually take, if the property manager is willing to work with you, it can sometimes be useful to limit the size of the quote, until you and the property manager are comfortable with the scope and pricing of the job. For example, quoting to clean another 25 rooms for ‘X’ cents/sq. ft, can give you a chance to continue to impress the prospect with the quality of your work, while learning more about how long cleaning the carpet in the hotel may really take, and ultimately, a better idea of what a fair price would be for the work. Hope that helps, Matt, CleanGuru LLC

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