Does YOUR Cleaning Business Have a 3 Hour MAGNET?

Does YOUR cleaning business have a ‘magnet’ when it comes to what your employees are drawn to when it comes to the hours, scheduled time or number of days times they would like, no LOVE, to work. Well, ours did – and if yours do too, it may hold the key to reducing turnover while increasing employee and customer satisfaction.  And, that’s a very good thing.  Watch this fast paced video to find out how you can easily find out if you have a MAGNET in your janitorial business, and, more importantly, what you can do to improve your company by knowing what it is!!

Before you’re done watching this video episode – Does YOUR Cleaning Business Have a 3 Hour MAGNET? you’ll learn how you can survey your employees to discover what you can do to help you, your customers and your employees.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

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Thanks for watching our video – Does YOUR Cleaning Business Have a 3 Hour MAGNET?
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3 Responses to “Does YOUR Cleaning Business Have a 3 Hour MAGNET?”

  1. Jim Fiorini says:

    While visiting a customer about how our service was I notice that a window on the inside needed spot cleaned. I brought it to her attention but, also informed her that because of the outside of the window being dirty, it was difficult to see the inside dirt. I also told her we would be back to take care of the inside of the window. I was trying to be pro active with the customer but, also explaining why the inside of the window was missed by our employee.

    MY question is: Do you think this is a good approach to take with a customer?

    My brother and I discussed this issue and he feel I should not have said anything.

  2. Carolyn says:

    My company uses the 3 hour magnet. I have asked current employees the hours that they would like to work such as the 5:00pm- 8pm shift. I have noticed the turnover has been down a great deal. When we have new clients I also ask employees if they would like additional hours. This method works. I am now less stressed in the business.

  3. DLiebrecht says:

    Carolyn, thanks for the update on how the ’3hr. magnet’ strategy has helped your cleaning business. I thrilled to hear it’s helped in your efforts to keep accounts filled more smoothly (less turnover) by better ‘matching of expectations to the job. Way to go! Dan, CleanGuru LLC PS and, I’m equally glad to hear, it’s been a ‘stress reducer’!

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