How Can Independent Cleaning Businesses Beat Low-balling Competition? – Part 1

“Someone’s got to say it!” So, if no one else will…we will! Don’t miss this episode of our video series “Flip My Cleaning Business from Painful to PROFITABLE!” where we ‘call out’ all those slick talking ‘big guys’ who have been making a mess of the cleaning business with their empty promises and low-ball prices. And, for the first time on video, we reveal what we believe is their hidden weakness, or ‘Achilles’ heel – and how independent cleaning companies can use it to their advantage NOW!

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Thanks for watching our video “How Can Independent Cleaning Businesses Beat Low-balling Competition? – Part 1″ But, don’t stop there – Be sure to check out our video “What’s Happened to the Cleaning Business?”, where we come out ‘blasting with both barrels’ revealing WHO we think is ‘killing’ the cleaning business with their slick talk, empty-promises and low-ball prices…and what we intend to do about it.

22 Responses to “How Can Independent Cleaning Businesses Beat Low-balling Competition? – Part 1”

  1. Cheryl Perin says:

    Great advice! I will be able to use this information immediately. I have had this situation occur more than once and didn’t know exactly how to handle it. Now I do! Thank you very much for your help!


  2. DLiebrecht says:

    You’re welcome Cheryl – glad you found it helpful.

  3. Rita says:

    Just to say, great advice, As am thinking about starting a Cleaning Business every advice given to me will be a great help, since coming across this website am always looking forward to receiving more info.

    Many Thanks

  4. joanne says:

    Thank you for all you have taught me about the cleaning business.

    I really enjoy listening to the guru’s advice. This actually happened to me a year ago. Someone walked in the door and gave them a lower price. Unfortunately I did not act accordingly and so I lost the job.

    I sometimes wonder if I could ever get the job back again. With all the information you are providing me with I am gaining more confidence and guess I should just give them a call.

    Have any tips on how to approach a customer after they have lost them.

  5. DLiebrecht says:

    Joanne – glad you enjoy and find value in the videos! By the way, you’re right – it’s important to keep in touch not only with active customers – but former ones too. It’s not uncommon to win back ‘lost’ accounts through perserverance and ongoing contact. Wishing you much success!

  6. Kris Buhr says:

    Great Advice! Im gonna give it a try!

  7. Sameea says:

    Very good advice! I have ran into that situation myself with other cleaning companies with some of my clients, and yes no responds with quality of service and abiding with the contract set for time to do the jobs and a good job at that!

    Best Regards


  8. DLiebrecht says:

    Thanks Sameea! Glad you find the video valuable, Dan

  9. Charles says:

    All your tips have been very very helpful …I’m new to the cleaning industry but seems like i’m way ahead thanks to your knowledge of the game…and i plan on ordering the clean bid software in a few days thanks again.

  10. DLiebrecht says:

    Hi Charles, thanks for your note! I’m glad to hear you’ve found my videos valuable in the early days of growing your cleaning business. I look forward to having you with us soon as a new CleanBid Member! Dan, CleanGuru LLC

  11. Lea says:

    Excellent advice

  12. CleanGuru says:

    Thanks Lea and wishing you much success in your cleaning business. Dan, CleanGuru

  13. Edwin says:

    Thank you for the words of wisdom.. As a new independent cleaning business it’ great to know that there’s helpful advice to help me along the way.

  14. CleanGuru says:

    You’re welcome Edwin and congrats on starting your own independent cleaning business. I hope you find the resources and software at CleanGuru helpful and am glad you are finding the videos you’ve been watching interesting/useful, Matt, CleanGuru LLC.

  15. your carpet surgeons llc says:

    I’m new to the carpet business and you have been a great teacher, I have learned so much from you I feel lucky. Thank you very much

  16. CleanGuru says:

    Hi carpet surgeons llc, thanks for your note! Glad you’re finding my videos helpful. Wishing you much success in you cleaning business. Dan, CleanGuru LLC

  17. Anthony Poole says:

    Great info,thanks. I can hear the sincerity in your voice.

    Thank you for helping others.

    GOD Bless you and your company

  18. CleanGuru says:

    Thanks Anthony- and wishing you much success in your cleaning business, Dan, CleanGuru LLC

  19. Wills Clervil says:

    Dan, your advice have help navigate my business decision. Although I have not started my cleaning business, but you have placed me in the right path. Thanks

  20. CleanGuru says:

    Wills, thanks – I’m glad you found my video helpful. Wishing you much success in your cleaning business and hope our CleanGuru programs can help you as you grow. Dan, CleanGuru

  21. Sheila says:

    I do residential and commercial, for now. I am glad to hear this because my customers are saying my prices are too high and they don’t want you to stay too long. We do stay over sometime cause we pay attention to detail, with our focus on the quality of service. Your video is helpful. Thanks

  22. CleanGuru says:

    You’re welcome Sheila and thanks for your comments/note. Wishing you much success in your cleaning business, Dan CleanGuru

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