How Can You Target Market Your Cleaning Business for Growth?

Who do you WANT to clean? Careful! You may be tempted to answer with a quick, “Well, everyone and anyone who needs cleaning! Right? “Well, not so fast. In this video we reveal how picking who you want to clean can make the difference between having a fun, growing, and profitable cleaning business… and one that’s floundering and frustrating to run.

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Thanks for watching our video “How Can You Target Market Your Cleaning Business for Growth?” But, don’t stop there – Be sure to check out our video “What’s the ONE Secret to Growing a Successful Cleaning Business?” because we’re going to tackle that question head on; and the answer may surprise you. You’ll hear in just a few minutes what it really takes to flip a cleaning business from painful to profitable. Want to flip yours?

11 Responses to “How Can You Target Market Your Cleaning Business for Growth?”

  1. Joe Rossi says:

    Hi, Everything you have been saying I’ve been doing for 21 years.I do run into the franchise under bidding everything.I do a little of everthing schools,car dealerships,medical offices,construction cleans ,office bldgs etc.I try and stay away from resturants .I find it hard to turn buisness away,unless it makes no sense.The one thing you left out is in the medical field is they may want 1 to 2 days of cleaning in multiple offices,which adds up.I relate to everything your saying.My big problem is marketing and getting more accounts.I’m always worring about losing them.Thanks for info.

  2. Victor says:


    Well I hear you as far as doing everything, for everyone. How do you market your commercial cleaning company besides cold calling? I’ve tried emailers, postcards, cold calling, google ads, but it’s not working too well. Is there a better way of doing this?

  3. DLiebrecht says:

    Hi Victor,

    Thanks for your note! You’ve definitely asked a good question. In fact, as you can imagine, it’s a BIG issue and concern among cleaning contractors wanting to grow their businesses – and, it has quite a number of factors that go into responding to it thoroughly.

    However, in an effort to not ‘dodge the question’, I’ll share the following brief explanation of the overall marketing process we recommend and teach:

    Marketing to get more consistent jobs starts with creating a list of targeted prospects representing as close to your ideal client as possible. The next steps include indentifying the decision maker(s), creating a set of dramatic differences/comparative advantages (we call them Measurable Guarantees of Performance or MGPs) of doing business with you vs. your competition and then finally, crafting and consistently – over time, delivering compelling messages based on the MGPs to your target market on a regular, scheduled basis.

    Victor, I hope that helps! We have other resources on our site that answer many of the questions we hear most often from our members – or you can contact our office directly at 888-531-4878 M-F 10 AM – 6 PM EST to find out more about the books, tools and coaching programs we offer. Thanks!

  4. Christiane @ Sparkle Time Cleaning Berwick me says:

    I just want to say I learn so much from your videos and web sites I have just started up my cleaning business to long ago it’s going okay wish I could get more noticed more but have gotten some jobs to get me through. I do residential and business/office cleaning. I just wanted to tell you, your sites are so helpful. Thank you I learn a lot from you.

  5. DLiebrecht says:

    Christine, thanks for the note. Glad to hear you’ve found my videos helpful! Wishing you MUCH success in your cleaning business, Dan

  6. Tim Nash says:

    I have been throught the “do it all” phase. It was not fun and kept you running crazy. Better to concentrate on selected services only. Thanks for the videos. I love them.

  7. DLiebrecht says:

    Tim, thanks for you note. Glad you’ve found the CleanGuru videos valuable! Dan,

  8. JAMES PERRY says:

    I wanna get into doing more commercial cleaning. Something more consistent. At this time i am doing residential carpet cleaning over the years i have about 150 clients carpet cleaning, but they are not consistent maybe every 3 0r 4 mths, I go back for cleaning. How do i get started trying to get better accounts an more consistent cleaning jobs.

  9. DLiebrecht says:

    Hi James, you’ve asked a good question. However, not quite sure what kind of commercial cleaning you’re referring to. For example, are you interested in getting more commercial carpet cleaning jobs or commercial cleaning (office cleaning/janitorial) jobs. Either way – here is an important key to keep in mind. TARGETING: Specifically – make sure the list of prospective businesses you’re going after ACTUALLY consists of the very best candidates for buying the service you want to sell/deliver. For example, if you want to deliver 3-5 time per week office cleaning services, many small businesses may not be interested or able to afford that level of service – so, you could use, for example – ‘employee count’ as a qualifying factor in building your target list. Hope that helps, CleanGuru LLC

  10. Joshua Gosling says:


    I’m in the planning stages of my new commercial cleaning business. One factor against me, is my age of 24. I have had a residential business before, but this is so different to me. What should be my first approach as going after my chosen clientele base? I’m wanting to target law firms, accounting offices, and executive office buildings as a firm starter. Any input?

    P.S. – Your video’s have already been a tremendous lift off my shoulders, and a saving grace.

  11. CleanGuru says:

    Joshua, glad you’re finding my videos helpful. While there is a lot that goes in to marketing a commercial cleaning business, here are some marketing ideas/strategies we recommend and that I thought you might find useful:
    1. Decide on who you want to clean. Rather than a broad, shotgun approach, we suggest cleaning businesses target a certain type of building or customer (i.e. medical, office, retail etc)
    2. Once, you determine who you want to clean, we suggest building a select list of companies that meet that criteria by using, for example, an online business list service.
    3. Next, we suggest identifying the decision maker. You can call each location to determine the name of the person or persons responsible for hiring the cleaning service at the buildings on your list. See S.M.A.R.T. call at CleanBid.net resources (videos/email).
    4. We recommend you create and follow a pre-scheduled list of marketing steps which you may include sending a series of powerful direct-response marketing pieces to the attention of the decision maker (the person in charge of hiring the cleaning service) at the businesses on your targeted list, following a preset schedule.
    5. Maybe most important of all, we believe creating a powerful message, including Measurable Guarantees of Performance, and proper formatting of the necessary elements of an effective marketing piece are some of the most important, yet challenging, parts of the process. We worked hard to make sure our marketing message was much more powerful than ‘We are bonded, licensed and insured.’

    As you can imagine, there is a great deal that goes into effectively implementing the steps and strategies above, but I hope you find the information provided above helpful. You may find the additional FREE videos and blog posts we have posted under resources at CleanGuru.com helpful.

    Wishing you MUCH success,
    Dan, CleanGuru LLC

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