What’s Happened to the Cleaning Business?

Are you an independent cleaning business? If so, don’t miss this video! We come out ‘blasting with both barrels’ revealing WHO we think is ‘killing’ the cleaning business with their slick talk, empty-promises and low-ball prices…and what we intend to do about it.

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60 Responses to “What’s Happened to the Cleaning Business?”

  1. Don says:

    The same situation has been developing here in Australia for many years now.

  2. CleanGuru says:

    Don, thanks for insight into developments in the cleaning industry in Australia. Wishing you much success in you cleaning business, Matt, CleanGuru LLC

  3. Kierra says:

    I totally agree. Its sickening and unfair.

  4. Wade says:

    Cleaning franchises are the biggest scam in the cleaning industry. I don’t even understand how they are legal. All you have to do is google “lawsuits against Jani King, Coverall or Jan Pro” and you’ll get dozens of links to class action lawsuits. Cleaning franchises make their money off the backs of the poor people they trick into signing their franchise agreement. Now, many of the “franchisees” are good, hard working people, corporate is where the trouble lies. I’ve had numerous franchisees want to come and work for us. I’ve had them wanting me to try and help get them out of their situation. I’ve personally read the franchise agreements for a couple of these outfits and they are crooks, plain and simple. Any company hiring a cleaning franchise to clean their building is contributing to exploitation of people. I don’t know how the people running these franchise operations sleep at night.

  5. Scott says:

    Besides low bidding janitorial franchise companies, the real problem is illegal immigrants each year getting into the business, yes undocumented workers and they post ads on Craigslist and etc free posting sites. Besides janitorial companies hiring them for cheap wages, they are getting into the business without US papers but to get a fictitious business license, a business bank account without legal photo id and to tell people are hiring them for low low competition and they’ve killing the cleaning industry of low balling.

    E-Verify isn’t the best answer, it’s getting States to amend laws that require actual janitorial licenses so everybody gives a fair legal bid to every consumer and two, the consumer doesn’t take advantage of the janitorial companies on low low bids like bids over the phone or etc ways, consumers are driving the illegal immigrants in the business because of unfair competition. So talk to your legislature or State elected representative about amending a bill to become law on a mandated janitorial license to protect your cleaning business.

  6. Mauricio Santos says:

    I think every business owner should avoid to work for these big national companies, if everybody decided to do the same thing, eventually thing will change.

  7. Sue says:

    Thank you for sharing your videos. They are always very inspiring and insightful, and you share very good tips. Thank you!

  8. CleanGuru says:

    You’re quite welcome Sue. Glad you find them helpful. Wishing you much success in you cleaning business! Dan

  9. Milton says:

    I just lost a client of 17 years to low bidder Jani-King.
    Thank you for you inspiring videos. As you say: I can do this,
    I really can

  10. CleanGuru says:

    Milton, I’m sorry to hear about the long term client you lost, but please remember, you’re definitely not alone. Tony and I lost many accounts over the more than 20 years we ran our cleaning business, and each time – it hurt. Sometimes there are important lessons to be from the situation, which can lead to practical changes/improvements; other times, it can be simply the result of a ‘building owner chasing low price’ or ‘whims of a brand new property manager’ wanting to ‘shake things up’. Either way, try not to take it too hard; every new day, month and year brings new opportunities and challenges in the cleaning business. We found those who stick with it, make necessary changes and keep a positive outlook generally, over time, do well. Wishing you all the best, Dan, CleanGuru

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