Warning to Janitorial Businesses: Back it up!

Do you back up your work?

This week’s message is simple, Here it is…

Be sure you have a reliable method of backing-up your cleaning company’s important information on your computer.

I warn you – because as my business partner, Tony, the computer whiz says ‘it’s not a question of if you’re computer will go kaput -it’s a question of when.

I had to learn the hard way.

My wife and I have 3 kids – and over the years – every now and then, here’s what we hear:

‘Oh my god, I’ve lost everything! Dad – you’ve got to help me -that stupid computer ‘froze’ up on me and now I can’t even get it to boot up.

What am I going to do? I have my final school paper on it, AND my resume AND my only photos of graduation! But, I can’t get to any of it. What do I do now….dad?

Yeah, ugh.

Well, once and a while, I’ve been able to get their laptop to boot up so we can recover their precious letters, photos and such – before the mother board completely dies -other times not.

And, it’s not just the kids – the same thing happened to Jennifer and I years ago on our home computer before we learned THAT lesson -the hard way.

But, no more.

As the saying goes, burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice – shame on me.

Let’s just say -  we now have a back up system in place – and it’s checked.

There are online and offline ways to back up your important computer files.  They vary in expense, options and frequency.

The way you do it is up to you – the important thing is that you have something in place -up and running.

You guys are important to Tony and me.

If this message gets even one person to back up their janitorial business computer data, who up until now – hasn’t, well, than this friendly warning will have been more than worth it.

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

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