What I Say To Myself Before a Building Walk Through

It’s too late once you’re in the building. That’s right, as you sit in your car, just before you go in to meet your prospect is an opportunity for a minute or two of positive self talk – you don’t want to miss.

Watch this fast paced video – What I Say to Myself BEFORE a Building Walkthrough where Dan explain why ‘talking to yourself’ for a moment or two before you go into your prospect’s office or building is something you should keep doing if you’re already doing it – or start doing if you’ve never tried it before. Plus, Dan will share some of the specific ‘things’ he tells himself to make the most of the time he’s about to spend with a building owner or property manager.

Thanks for watching our video – What I Say to Myself BEFORE a Building Walkthrough, don’t stop there – be sure to check out our video:

Cleaning Bid Walkthroughs: Efficient vs. Effective where Dan explains why today more than ever it’s important for cleaning business owners to be more than simply an efficient gatherer of building data to an effective business relationship builder with the prospect – one willing to take the time to become a trusted advisor to the prospect.

You’ll watch a few, short minutes of video loaded with practical ideas, tips and strategies about what it really takes to flip a commercial cleaning or residential maid service business from painful to profitable. Want to Flip Yours?

4 Responses to “What I Say To Myself Before a Building Walk Through”

  1. Robin Troy says:

    Thank you so much for doing these. You are a great mentor!

  2. Larry Gerosa...Healthy Home Carpet Care Inc. LI NY says:

    Hi Dan,
    First of all… love your videos Great Info!!!
    As for talking to yourself I give myself the best pep- talks before any appointment. One time my client, an attorney, came out to greet me and was standing by my truck listening to me talking to myself for about 2 minutes and I wasn’t aware. lucky enough he didn’t think i was crazy. His comment was I do the same thing before going into court or meeting with a client. Your advice definitely works! Thanks again for all the great advice.

  3. DLiebrecht says:

    Larry, thanks for the note! Glad you find the videos valuable. I admire your willingness to take the steps to succeed regardless of what other people might think. Sounds to me like you’ve definately got what it takes. Wishing you MUCH success in your cleaning business. Dan, CleanGuru LLC

  4. DLiebrecht says:

    Thanks Robin! Dan, Clean Guru LLC

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