What Should YOU Change In YOUR Janitorial Business?

Well, let’s first of all remind ourselves that ‘change creates change’. So, in the case of our cleaning businesses – make the right improvements, and we could see our results improve.

Simple right? So, why even mention it?

Well, even though the idea is a simple one, doing it – is not. Think about this question:

How much do we really change in our cleaning businesses in a year?

How much do we actually change about how we market, how we sell, how we bid, how we train, how we clean – in a year? For many of us, the honest answer can often be a rather disappointing – little.

It’s understandable.

Here are two reasons why we don’t make the changes we need to make:

1.  We feel we’re overwhelmed and don’t have the time or energy.

2. We don’t know WHAT to change or HOW to change it.

Personally, I think, if we had good, solid, exciting answers to #2, we would begin to find the energy and make the time.


Think about WHAT needs to be changed in your cleaning business.

Then, find out HOW it can be done.

Start doing it – making those changes, and you may suddenly find yourself excited about making changes you once found to be too hard or too painful.

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

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