What Your Cleaning Business Can Learn from March Madness

Dominating team vs. good in the clutch – which is better? That’s a question Dan heard being discussed on the radio. What he learned from that discussion that leads us to today’s tip.

Is it better to be the domination cleaning company or the one that can land the job under pressure?

Watch this fast paced video – What Your Cleaning Business Can Learn from March Madness – where Dan explains the difference between janitorial businesses that seem to land jobs, despite the presence of similar competition, vs. the ones that seem to easily land cleaning jobs – as if there aren’t comparable competitors.

Dan will reveal which one is better and how your company can be one of them.

Thanks for watching our video – What Your Cleaning Business Can Learn from March Madness but, don’t stop there – be sure to check out our video:

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You’ll watch a few, short minutes of video loaded with practical ideas, tips and strategies about what it really takes to flip a commercial cleaning or residential maid service business from painful to profitable. Want to Flip Yours?

One Response to “What Your Cleaning Business Can Learn from March Madness”

  1. Scott says:

    I agree, it’s important to be different and to gain a market share what you do versing other businesses. However 9 out 10, we lose on price and price again. While we bid higher than anybody else and as much as you put all the details you will do for the customer, they will still go with the lower service and I mean really low, even though we put the budgeted hours and everything you can imagine in the bid. I personally think the way of winning in a cleaning business is to fix the licensing in the legislature so every cleaning business has a mandatory method to follow in estimating cleaning jobs. It’s like carbon paper versing an organized 16 page cleaning bid, the customer doesn’t really know enough who they’re hiring or what to expect or worse who to believe and sadly, consumers think low price is the win win and it really isn’t. I agree with you Dan, your correct but we are being hit with cleaning companies doing what they mostly and that is they are still hiring undocumented workers with un-budgeted hour bids. Consumers who be informed by laws passed if cleaning licenses could be regulated, that would save the fair cleaning guys like you and me.

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