Who Do You Want To Clean?

OK, let’s get right to it, because the sooner we answer this question, the sooner you can get the kind of cleaning business you’ve always dreamed of having.

Remember last time, when we asked…”What kind of accounts would give you a steady income,
be easy to staff, easy to manage and give you a “shot” at extra work year round?”

Put another way, “What kind of accounts would give you the best chance at growing a large, profitable and stable cleaning business?”

Well, here was the answer for us…office cleaning!

Specifically; 3-5 nights per week, office cleaning, performed in the early evening, for owner-occupied professional, medical, industrial and manufacturing buildings, over 7,500 square feet,
within a 50-mile radius of our office.

You may want to take a second to re-read that because every part of it is important.

It became our target market – our niche!

So, our target account might be a manufacturing company in an industrial park near us, where we clean the whole front office, as well as the plant restrooms, locker room and lunchroom, Monday – Friday from 6 PM- 9:30 PM.

First, let me be clear.

Our answer doesn’t have to be your answer. There’s more than one road to get to a destination.

Your answer, your target market, may be floor maintenance for grocery stores and retail centers, construction cleaning, residential- maid services, or apartment clean-ups.

And IF you can profitably grow in those target markets, AND get the kind of steady income AND stable operation you need to give you the financial freedom and business lifestyle you
pictured…more power to you!

But, for Tony and I, office cleaning was “The Ticket”.

Nothing is perfect, but in general, office cleaning was the right target market for us for several reasons:

It gave us a steady, reoccurring monthly income.

It allowed us to grow, grow, grow.

It was relatively easy to staff.

It was relatively easy to manage.

It gave us extra, specialty work year round.

By the way, if the description of our target market sounded very specific; it is!

We find the more specific we are about our goals, the better chance we have of achieving them.

Isn’t that true for everyone?

So, we determined to aggressively go after our target market, while avoiding, whenever possible, taking on other types of cleaning.

The impact of this decision was huge!

It focused us like a laser beam, and helped us quickly create a stable, profitable business, like the one we pictured.

You can use this strategy to FOCUS your company too.

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

8 Responses to “Who Do You Want To Clean?”

  1. lupe says:

    It makes sense! but… how do we find those accounts? I always had the impression that it is VERY difficult to get the owner, manager, etc to even listen to me. If you have a training on how to get “the ticket” I’ll love to learn, I’m all ears! Thank you for keeping up with your valuable information as well as your tips!

  2. DLiebrecht says:

    Lupe, thanks for posting your comment! You’ve asked a good question, but as you can imagine, there are a number of factors that go into responding to it properly and completely. So, I would encourage you to check out many of the resources we offer that help to answer many of the questions we hear most often from our members. These include our book, Discover the Guru in You, that can be purchased through Amazon or our new video coaching program, CleanSuccess!, which you can learn more about by clicking on ‘Coaching’ near the top of our Home Page.

  3. Vincent E. Webb Sr. says:

    That’s a great idea. I’ve found it easier and stable for me in the residential area, especially for disabled clients. I want to take on offices, but like Lupe stated, it’s hard to get the managers or even owners to communicate with you.

  4. Hung says:

    I am looking for this job…such as: “Specifically; 3-5 nights per week, office cleaning, performed in the early evening, for owner-occupied professional, medical, industrial and manufacturing buildings”

  5. Hung says:

    I am looking for job as “Specifically; 3-5 nights per week, office cleaning, performed in the early evening, for owner-occupied professional, medical, industrial and manufacturing buildings”

  6. Angelique says:

    I will definitely give this option a try. My husband and I have cleaned large restaurant chains, subcontract, but we want to build our own business and brand in the Hunstville, Alabama area. I will do some research and see how we can tap into this.

  7. CleanGuru says:

    Hi Angelique, thanks for adding your comment. Wishing you much success and hope our programs may be of help to you along the way. Dan, CleanGuru LLC

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