Why I’m SICK of National Cleaning Management Companies!

National Cleaning Management Companies. National Maintenance Management Companies. Whatever you want to call these outfits, watch this episode to see why Dan is sick of ‘em and what you can do to beat ‘em NOW. While the glory days of the proud, local, independent cleaning businesses may seem all but gone; CHANGE is coming. And that change can be the wave of new profitable business your cleaning company can attract and earn by offering your customers VALUE, not lowest price.

Before you’re done watching this video episode Why I’m SICK of National Cleaning Management Companies! you’ll learn what you can do to beat these low balling characters without having to lower your price!

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

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17 Responses to “Why I’m SICK of National Cleaning Management Companies!”

  1. Tim Cash says:

    Hello Dan,
    Just want to drop a note to tell you that I enjoy your video clips that you post. I’ve been around the janitorial business for 20 years (mostly part-time) and call me crazy, I actually enjoy it. I’m the vice president of a manufacturing facility that just finished his MBA at age 45. I’ve already started my janitorial business part-time (again) and intend to go full-time when the time is right. I could probably go into any field at this time, but I realize the benefit and potential of a successfully run janitorial company. Sure seems to make more sense than starting a manufacturing firm right now. Thanks for your continued movtivation.

  2. Great point Dan,

    I also get calls from National companies once in a while. As soon as I hear that they are National I just tell them that we don’t work with national companies and hang up. And like you said there are opportunities there, the problem is that LOCAL decision makers can not make any decision because the decision is made in the corporate office.

  3. Mark Hearn says:

    The experience I have had with the “National Companies” is their clients have had baad experiences with these companies. Again the client never knows from day-to-day who is in their building at night. And that has lead to bad security issues. I can get around this by selling quality, and consistancy.

  4. Mark Hearn says:

    I have heard of horror stories from clients,and prospective clients.Working with these national companies. One of the major problems is just getting out of an agreement. One of the ways I heave been able compete with the Nationals is by selling them on they are working with a local company and offering them consistant service and consistant workers. It is refreshing to see that sometimes it is not just lower pricing.

    Mark Hearn

  5. Roger Stewart says:

    I would like to thank you for this clip. I have watched the others, but this really helped. I was bidding on a school to do the janitorial work, I used the program and had a reasonable price. The other companies were like you just mention they bidded so low I would have barely been able to pay workers or make a profit. I knew what it took to clean the school because I did the constuction clean. I was upset but you helped to bring some clarity to how they were able to bid so low. Thanks Dan

  6. DLiebrecht says:

    Roger, thanks for your note and kind words. I’m happy to hear our bidding software helped you AND I’m, of course, also very happy to hear you found one of my videos valuable in the bidding situation you described. Wishing you MUCH success in your cleaning business! Dan

  7. Grant Harrex says:

    Hi Dan
    Our company is outside the US market but I wanted to offer an alternative opinion to the discussion about ‘contract management agencies’. We manage contracts on behalf of contractors within a city location, offering a lot of value to our contractors and clients from a client management, administration and regulatory perspective. We do not ‘low ball’ prices and an in turn offer value for both clients and contractors. We do come up against national organisations (eg national franchises which amazingly seem to, at times, pitch up to 30% below market prices) who distort the value and make it difficult for all. So, I guess my point is, contract management agencies can be effective but as always, ask lots of questions and know what you are committing to before signing a contract.
    Thanks for the regular video blogs. Always worth the time.

  8. DLiebrecht says:

    Grant, glad you shared your thoughts. To be clear – my strong gripe is with ‘low balling, low value’ cleaning franchises and national management outfits. I believe they represent a ‘black-eye’ to the industry by offering ‘empty promises wrapped in a low ball price’. That said, there are, I’m sure – exceptions, and I’m glad to hear you’re one of them. While I personally prefer the independent cleaning business model, there is always room for honest, hard-working cleaning contractors who are committed to deliver quality cleaning at a fair price. Wishing you much success! Dan

  9. Sbquality Cleaning says:

    This company is provide good services.

  10. DLiebrecht says:

    Thanks Sbquality Cleaning! Wishing you much success in your cleaning business, Dan, Clean Guru LLC

  11. Jess Guthrie says:


    I love this video. My company has ran into these low bidder’s and low quality companies especially dealing with city contracts.

  12. Paul says:

    First off, I love the videos!
    Don’t hate me, but I worked directly for a couple of those national companies for about 13 years. I’m the guy that would get hung up on… In the beginning there was some money to be made for all involved. However, there is NO money left to be made. I am happy to report I have been full time in our own business for the last 3 years! (without subbing work out) The only advice I would give about working with those companies is don’t, or not more than 10%-25% of your monthly revenue…and be ready to walk away at a moments notice. The more of your monthly revenue that comes from them, the more they think they own you!!

  13. CleanGuru says:

    Paul, I don’t ‘hate’ you at all…. I completely understand; seems we’ve all ‘been there’. And, thank you for sharing your story and very practical comments/advice. Wishing you continued success in your cleaning business, Dan, CleanGuru LLC

  14. Kim says:

    I have your thoughts since I met my husband 3 years ago. He worked bottom line of those for 12 years, with very small amount of money, but work like horse. I have suggested him to own his own business and get a job directly from the building management, but he always says that it is impossible because he is not an American. Now I am planning to create my own business to hire him as a manager, will be trying to get the buildings from the companies who will believe my husband’s value and his effort and responsibilities, and possibly appreciate the result he has been put it in previously. He will work the same, but I would think he will compensated more, therefore he will be gladly work more. Why the companies doesn’t realized that what they pay for is not the one who works for it? If the companies hire local, pay directly to the one who actually have a ownership for it, they would dedicate themselves to drive the best result. I am setting it up for my husband, because he deserves it. He works day and night, running after the problems even though he paid a little and no one appreciate him doing that. I am about to fix that. well crossing my fingers for it..lol. I think the management are either not smart to realizes that or don’t even care what service they get, at the end, they are not paying it for themselves. If they pay it for cleaning their houses and see it wasn’t cleaned what they paid for, they wouldn’t hire that company again. But they have no ownership for their company, spend what is budgeted and if work is decent, let it ride along. Definitely we all should feel ownership of our business or company that you work for… that will make our society vital…
    Thank you for the video.. watching it made me more desperate to do it my own… hope what I believe is the right value, like you said in your video.

    Good days to come to the ones who work hard to get what they deserve..


  15. CleanGuru says:

    Kim, thank you so much for your heartfelt message. I wish you had your husband much success. Dan

  16. Maria E Medrano says:

    Hi Dan,

    Thank you so much for all this support you give to the local cleaning companies like us.
    It is interesting to watch this video right after I got hired by one of these companies. I just learned it the hard way :( . Not only they offer too little to the subcontractor, but their payment terms are extremely ridiculous.
    In fact, I got hired by a company in Michigan, to do some work in my area… Later on, I learned they were subcontracting further, which they weren’t supposed to. So imagine what we got for a 5,000 Sq. Ft. store 3 times a week service.

    Now, I feel you. I really hate those companies now, they are making their money from their desk with no effort. Even worst, with their terms they can get any local business out of business in no time. Very pathetic.

    Maria E.

  17. CleanGuru says:

    Thanks for your note Maria. I wish it wouldn’t take painful experiences for us to sometimes learn big business lessons, but it did for me and it sounds it may have for you as well. But, also just like me, you’ll likely be more cautious in the future to make sure any deal you sign on for meets your requirements for time needed and price. I suppose it’s never a sure thing, but the extra time invested in making sure the deal will works for all parties, including you, the cleaning business actually planning to do the work – is usually well worth it. Hang in there, I have a feeling this experience will make your cleaning company better than ever. Wishing you much success, Dan

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