Your Cleaning Company: Business or Hobby?

Is your cleaning company – a business or a hobby?

Strange to hear, I know, but I once heard the question put that way. Interesting, though, isn’t it?

In fact, the person I heard this question from went even further to make his point.

He said, ‘If your janitorial business isn’t making money – you don’t have a business, you have a hobby -  period.’  It’s tough to hear the cold hard truth – but important.

You deserve to have a business – and one that works for you – as hard as you work on it. I would press this tough message even further – your cleaning company needs to do more than just make money. It needs to make you good money.

That’s right, if your cleaning business isn’t rewarding you with healthy profits, you don’t have a healthy business – at least not yet. But you can, and here’s how.

It goes without saying that running an efficient janitorial business with cleaners who are productive and systems that keep costs down – is an important part. But, it doesn’t stop there – not by a long shot.

Getting and staying profitable by controlling the expense side is necessary. But there are other ways to increase your profit margin that are equally as effective – and a lot more FUN.

One way is to increase the average profitability of each sale through diversification and suggestive selling – i.e. building the sale.  Here’s another way, and it’s one of the best:

Attracting customers who want you to be their cleaning contractor NOT because you’re the cheapest – but because you’re the best and offer the most VALUE.  Now, doesn’t that seem like a much better and more pleasant way to increase profits than cutting costs?

Being asked whether your cleaning company is a business or a hobby – is tough question. Here’s another one:

How much time do you spend per week on creating a cleaning business that is very different than your competition?

The answer to that question may tell you when you’ll be able to create amazingly powerful marketing and charge higher prices – that reward you with, not only profits, but HEALTHY profits.

Everyone seems to be worried about creating healthy buildings today… and rightfully so. But, who is worried about creating healthy cleaning business that can do more than merely survive?

As you might have guessed, that responsibility falls squarely on your shoulders and mine. I am confident we can work together to win that battle – and it’s a battle worth fighting.

Please leave your comments below. Thanks, Dan

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