Construction Cleaning


Construction Cleaning Bidding

You’re going to love the Construction Module any time you’re bidding on janitorial work for jobs sites requiring one or more types of post-construction clean-up services such as Phase 1 – Initial / Rough Clean, Phase 2 – Main / Final Clean or Phase 3 – Touch-up / Re-clean. You can choose from any number of commercial or residential building types including: office, bank, medical, school, church, retail store, public arena, day care, auto dealer, grocery, movie theater, fitness club, night club, bowling alley, warehouse, restaurant and home. You’re going to like many of the options available to you – including identifying the general contractor or project manager on the job to including window cleaning services in your construction cleaning bid. Plus, it’s easy to make changes to customize the cleaning tasks, job pricing or cleaning bid proposal to reflect your janitorial business or geographic location.  The CleanBid® Program – Janitorial Bidding Made Easy!

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