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The CleanBid® Janitorial Module comes pre-loaded!

That’s right!  Based on our over 20 plus years of real-world cleaning experience, we’ve loaded the program for you with:

  • Detailed work schedules specific to each building type and cleaning frequency
  • Industry specific cleaning tasks along with production rates
  • Pricing formulas including both cost+ profit, as well as, hourly rate methods
  • Professional proposals you can easily customize – then print or email

Now, here’s the exciting part…CleanBid® Janitorial automatically runs your building’s measurements and the pre-loaded information listed above through a series of powerful work loading calculations. That’s how CleanBid® Janitorial can deliver you a detailed work schedule, estimated cleaning time, monthly price recommendation, and professional proposal, customized for the building you’re bidding on.

The CleanBid Modules for Tile, Carpet, Window, Construction, Move In/Out and Residential come pre-loaded with work types and detailed task descriptions, as well as, pricing suggestions and a professional looking set of proposal and reports that can be customized for the exact building(s) you’re bidding on.

Your part is easy!

You simply jot down the room measurements of the building you’re bidding on using a convenient Building Measurement Form that comes automatically with CleanBid®.

Then, just enter the information, and “sit back and relax”, because CleanBid® does the rest for you!

That’s right! You can make changes or take the recommended cleaning tasks, price recommendation, proposal and reports… just as they are.

CleanBid® makes it easy for any cleaning contractor to get price recommendations and ready-to-deliver proposals in minutes- online!

You bet!

On the Price Generator page, you can help ‘show’ labor rates in your city or company simply by changing the hourly wage figure shown.

In CleanBId Janitorial, you can also change the payroll tax, overhead and profit percentages as well.

In all CleanBid Modules, you have the ability to choose the price you wish to charge, which you can enter in as your final price decision.

No problem!  CleanBid® Express can help!

If all you know is the square footage of the area in the building to be cleaned, you can still get a recommended price and ready-to-deliver proposal.

Just choose a building type, select a cleaning frequency, and enter the cleanable square footage of the building you’re bidding on at the top of CleanBid Express. From there, you can also adjust, if you like, the floor types default settings.

Then, CleanBid® Express automatically breaks the total cleanable square feet into areas using pre-set percentage estimates for the type of building you’re bidding on.

From there, you can make changes to customize the bid or take the tasks, price, proposal and reports…just as they are; ready to print and deliver to your prospect!

To view the CleanBid® Express demo, click here!

Yes!  CleanBid® will give you a price recommendation based on the building information you’ve entered.

The result is a price you can use, as is, or easily adjust to reflect the wages or prices required in your company or area.

First, CleanBid® is web based!

That’s right, it’s online!  So, you don’t have to download any software.

And because it is updated automatically, you don’t have to worry about loading versions of the modules you’ve signed up for!

It’s all done for you!  And you can access it online, from anywhere, 24/7!

In fact, we’ve had Members tell how they use CleanBid® online…. right in the front of the prospect’s eyes!

That’s right!  They show prospective customers the CleanBid® process- right in their customer’s office as a unique and professional way of “teaming up” with the potential client during the bidding process, to earn their trust… and their business!

Plus, other janitorial bidding programs can be expensive to buy, difficult to learn, and hard to use, often requiring complicated set up.

Not CleanBid® Janitorial! It comes pre-loaded, so it instantly puts the power of sophisticated workloading in the hands of cleaning contractors without the expense and difficulty of other programs

Absolutely! That’s the great part!

You can change, add or remove tasks.

You can change, add or remove areas.

And you can change the price of your bid, as well as the wording of your proposal!

It’s just that easy!


CleanBid® provides a complete set of impressive, professional looking reports for the building you’re bidding on. They are ready to deliver and give you the competitive edge!

Check them out on our Sample Proposal & Reports Page.

  • Unlimited, 24/7 use of the CleanBid Module(s) you’ve signed up for!
  • Dan & Tony’s e-tips and video show “Flip my Cleaning Business from Painful to Profitable!”
  • Able to print unlimited number of CleanBid® proposals per month including cover letter, detailed task schedule and a complete set of professional reports for each of the bids you’re working on
  • CleanBid Express!  Great anytime you’re in a hurry or just can’t get the list of detailed measurements!
  • Plus Three (3) Amazing Bonuses:
    1. Special Report: 7 Insider Secrets To Cleaning Riches! Mailed to your home – FREE
    2. Free Audio Version or download of Chapter 1 of Dan & Tony’s book Discover the Guru in YOU- The 7 Insider Secrets to Finding, Landing and Keeping Profitable Cleaning Jobs!
    3. CleanBid Consumable Product Estimator – to quickly and easily estimate the cost of providing poly/paper products!

To Sign Up Now, click here!

There’s something for everybody at CleanBid!

Four (4) different CleanBid Plans are available, ranging from:

Our Basic Plan at only $35/mo., which provides the CleanBid Member a full month of access to one of the CleanBid Modules, to our amazing…

MAX PLAN for only $75/mo., which includes all seven (7) of the CleanBid Modules(Janitorial, Tile, Carpet, Construction, Move In/Out,Residential and Window), Max Technical Phone Support and CleanBid Express too!

Great News! You can change your plan online by using the “Change Plan” feature; making it easy to adjust your plan to maximize your value and reflect the changing needs of your cleaning business.

One month. We are so confident that our system will work for you; we are willing to offer this service on a month-by-month basis.

You can cancel your membership at any time by logging in and and going to ‘Account’ at the top of the Home Page. Then, simply click on the ‘Cancel CleanBid’ link on the left side of the page.

Because CleanBid® is a pre-paid service, your access will continue until the end of your current paid subscription period.

For one year after cancelling your CleanBid Membership, you can re-activate by logging back in – using your Secure User Name and Password at the log-in screen.

At the time of reactivation, you’ll be able to select the CleanBid Plan of your choice. Your credit card will be charged the appropriate monthly fee for the Plan you choose. Plus, you will have immediate access to your existing bids, if any, in the modules associated with the plan you’ve selected.

Contact CleanBid® Customer Support using the Contact Us link with any billing questions.

No. CleanBid® is an online application.  By offering you business software through the Internet, we can ensure that you are always running the latest version of the CleanBid® Modules.

In addition, we can significantly reduce our support costs, thereby passing the savings on to you.

Online software solutions (commonly referred to as “on demand” or “software as a service”) have become increasing popular with both large enterprises and small personal businesses. The trend toward online software is largely due to cost and support factors.

There is no software to install, minimal computer hardware requirements, and include anytime, anywhere access.  As long as your computer has an Internet connection, you have access to your software and data.

When consumers look at the true cost of a desktop application, one that you purchase and install, they are often surprised to find that the purchase price of the software is only a fraction of the total cost.

  • Any Internet Browser such as Internet Explorer® , Firefox® or Netscape®.
  • Internet connection (dial up, cable, ISDN, DSL)
  • Our new mobile web app works well with most mobile devices including the IPhone, IPad, Android, Kindle, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Palm and Symbian.
Yes, you can use a Mac® with an Internet connection to access CleanBid®
We want to help!  For any questions on using this online program, or if you have any suggestions for future program updates, just click Contact Us.

Yes, when you go to sign up, your online order is placed through Authorize.net, a reliable and secure ordering system using 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Internet Protocol (IP) connection.

In addition, we maintain your security using a similar 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Internet Protocol (IP) connection.  And all of your bid information is password protected and backed up.

We store your data on our secure servers.  Next to your finances, your data is the most important asset to your company. You don’t keep your money at home, why would you risk keeping your data on your own computer?

We backup your data every day, and we guarantee you are the only user who has access to your bids.

Once canceled, your account and bid information will be held for one year.

If you re-activate within that year, you’ll have immediate access to all applicable bid and preference settings as well as the features and module(s) of the CleanBid Plan you select at that time. Once the year is up, the data may be permanently deleted from our server.

Simply go the CleanBid® log-in page, and click on “I forgot my password”.  You will be asked to enter your e-mail address.  Your password will be sent to you.
For security purposes, you must notify us using Contact Us.


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