Cleaning Business Book Discover The Guru In You Helping Cleaning and Janitorial Businesses Become More Profitable

CleanBid cleaning software and janitorial bidding experts Dan Liebrecht and Tony Dietsch, authors of Discover The Guru In You are proud to see several glowing reviews from cleaning business owners and those looking to start a cleaning business

Toledo, OH – Just over a year ago, Clean Guru LLC founders Dan Liebrecht and Tony Dietsch penned and published the cleaning and janitorial business book, Discover the Guru in You: The 7 Insider Secrets to Finding, Landing and Keeping Profitable Cleaning Jobs! Tony and Dan are proud that cleaning business owners are still discovering this book and finding it as a valuable resource to help bolster their business.

The book can be found on Amazon.com, where it is described as follows:

This book is a powerful guide to the commercial janitorial cleaning business. Filled with proven ideas and concise guidance for those wishing to succeed in the cleaning business, this book covers professional business practice in finding, landing, and keeping commercial accounts. Written in an easy-to-read style, the principles discussed are not limited to cleaning businesses, but can open topics of discussion that are of interest to all sales categories. Discover the Guru in You is a professional approach from two entrepreneurs who have proven to be experts in developing solid and successful business practices.

Dan Liebrecht, co-author of Discover the Guru in You: The 7 Insider Secrets to Finding, Landing and Keeping Profitable Cleaning Jobs! and the Co-Founder of the CleanBid® Program remarks, “Even more satisfying than writing this book, is reading some of the real-life examples of how cleaning business owners are using our ideas every day to help grow their business and provide their clients with great service.  We know that providing a great customer experience and being profitable can go hand in hand, and doing business the right way can be a win-win for everyone!”

Some of the readers of Discover The Guru In You have weighed in with reviews on Amazon.com.

Rosie B., Owner RMB Cleaning Service, writes, “I have anxiously been waiting to purchase this book, I am not disappointed! It is really helping me in my janitorial and housecleaning business…I have already begun implementing ideas they suggest and all THE IDEAS WORK!”

Brooke C. writes, “Don’t Buy It – So I can use all the information in this book and have a GREAT ADVANTAGE over you! Love it! AND Amazon for delivering within 18 hours? AWESOME!”

“I am delighted of the ease of understanding and all the abundance of information. The Janitorial sector needed something like this!,” remarked
Carmen M.

Discover the book that is helping cleaning and janitorial businesses around the world at http://www.amazon.com/Discover-Guru-You-Profitable-Cleaning/dp/061534206X/ref=dp_return_2?ie=UTF8&n=283155&s=books

You can learn more about Dan and Tony’s CleanBid® Program at http://www.CleanBid.net

About Clean Guru™ LLC:

Dan Liebrecht and Tony Dietsch, are co-founders Clean Guru LLC and CleanBid® Program, and are Co-Authors of the book, Discover the Guru in You!® The 7 Insider Secrets to Finding, Landing and Keeping Profitable Cleaning Jobs!

Clean Guru™ LLC takes away the “big guys” advantage, and gives YOU the edge to compete and WIN.  The first of these powerful tools is the CleanBid® Cleaning Software Bidding Program. Janitorial Bidding Made Easy® is our motto because it’s the fast and easy way to get recommended prices for any cleaning job you’re bidding on. Plus, you get a professional cleaning contract ready-to-deliver or email to your prospective customers.

You can learn more about the CleanBid® Program at http://www.CleanBid.net

The NEW CleanSuccess™ Video Coaching Program teaches members advanced marketing, bidding, selling and profit strategies they used to build their own fast growing, profitable and fun-to-run cleaning business.  Want to get more cleaning leads? The marketing strategies explained in the CleanSuccess™ videos are designed to teach an advanced approach to finding janitorial leads without expensive telemarketing, painful cold calling or awkward networking.

You can learn more about the CleanSuccess™ Program at http://www.cleanbid.net/cleansuccess


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