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Part III - How To Keep Insider Secret #6

Deliver NOTICE-able Cleaning

DELIGHT Your Customers How can you deliver cleaning that delights your customer - at prices that delight you?

Now that's a question worth finding an answer to, wouldn't you agree? And to find the answer, we need to look at the two parts of the question separately.

First, what kind of cleaning delights a customer? Here are some examples...

  • When they see their offices right after you've taken on the building and have completed the initial cleaning.
  • When they walk in to see the waxable tile in the building has been completely stripped and refinished.
  • When they come in on a Monday morning to find all the carpeting has been completely cleaned and deodorized.

And what is the common factor in all of these situations? It's this...They NOTICE the cleaning. It looks different - it's NOTICEABLE!

Well, of course, you might say... that's obvious. So, why are we taking all this time to point it out? Well, think about this for a minute...

Is it possible that much of what determines whether a customer will be delighted with any cleaning company's service depends to a great deal on this one factor alone.... whether or not they NOTICE it?

We declare a clear and forceful "YES!"; and suggest that our answer shouldn't really surprise anyone too much.

Isn't it really just ‘human nature'?

And, we know how powerful that is! It's that same human nature that explains why our moment of greatest joy in receiving a gift is generally felt... just as we're ripping off the paper and opening the box......only to be quickly followed by less and less "delight", as we soon lose our interest in it altogether, tossing it aside with the other gifts we're now somehow "bored" of.

It's crazy; it's sad, and one might even say shameful. In fact, we wouldn't even bring it up other than it's true. And we can learn from it.

Have you ever found yourself saying something like, "Boy, they (the customer) sure loved us when we first took over the cleaning. Yep, they really noticed how much we improved everything in the beginning, and told us so!"

"Now that some time has passed, even though we keep busting our butt out there, we hardly hear a peep... other than to call to say we missed something."

What's going on here?

Could it be that... Even a very good cleaning company can become "invisible", taken for granted, and not appreciated over time, if they're not careful?

Yes; but, it doesn't have to be this way... at least, not for you. Think about this question:

How can we combat this problem and instead, turn around and use this revolutionary discovery about what "delights" our customers, to create a winning and profitable strategy for landing and keeping cleaning accounts?

In other words, how can you intentionally, creatively and consistently create more of these "moments of delight" for your customer?

Put yet another way...

How can you create an actual, workable, practical strategy to create a steady stream of "moments" when customers NOTICE the cleaning...and become delighted?

Powerful questions; well, here's our answer...

Deliver NOTICE-able Cleaning!

But how? Well, here's two important ways:

  1. By creating a clear DIFFERENCE in the cleaning; a noticeable "before and after" effect.
  2. By using a REMINDER, or series of reminders which make your customer keenly aware that you and your cleaning people were definitely there last night!

Take a minute to let that really sink in. We need to create a way of consistently delivering a series of NOTICE-able cleaning experiences for our clients.

"Sure, but how?" Well, here are some examples:

  1. Create a schedule consisting of touch-up or light cleaning(s) followed by an intensive, NOTICE-able, "shot-in- the-arm" type detail cleaning.
  2. On each visit (light and detail) have a number of techniques or methods intentionally designed to make it perfectly obvious (NOTICE-able) that you cleaned; that you were there last night!
    • Arranging guest chairs in private offices and table chairs in conference rooms in a pre-set, uniform direction or pattern that it's unmistakably clear someone has done some work here - someone has cleaned!
    • Leaving uniform vacuum lines in any area where the type of carpet makes this kind of "look" possible.
    • Having the exposed ends of every toilet tissue roll folded to a pro-style "V" like they do in some nice motels/hotels
    • On the detail cleaning night, leave one or more professional looking "reminders" customized with your company name to grab the attention of your client in a positive way, and then connect it to YOUR cleaning business reminding them "you've been cleaning" - by gently "poking" them to notice it.
  3. Here are a few examples:

We call them "NOTICE-able Cleaning Reminders", and they can be items such as small customized "tent" cards, seat covers, door hangers, easily removable stickers, as well as customized, yet affordable candy dishes and/or flower vases.

Now, let's look at how this NOTICE-able cleaning strategy might look when all the parts are used together:

What Does It LOOK Like?

Well, how about ...the offices going from "tired to TERRIFIC" every Friday (detail visit) by getting completely wiped down stem to stern...not simply dusted, but actually picking up every phone, in-baskets and file, to get it all wiped clean, along with the vents, doors, partition glass and sides of the trash cans.

PLUS... leaving a small professional style, easily removable sticker or note on or near the phone saying basically "I'm ready to go! I've been completely cleaned and disinfected!" by your friends at XYZ Cleaning!

Now, how's that for different - NOTICE-able! Or, how about....the kitchenette going from "fine to FANTASTIC" by every Friday going way beyond regular cleaning to NOTICE-able cleaning... by wiping down all cabinet doors, legs of tables and chairs, PLUS... leaving out a small vase of fresh flowers on the main kitchen counters with a note saying "Have a great week!"... from your friends
at XYZ Cleaning.

What else?

How about... the carpet going from "average to AWESOME" by every Friday vacuuming everything wall-to-wall including under the desks and behind the doors PLUS... applying a pleasant deodorizer scent to some, or all, of the carpeted offices, lobbies, and conference rooms.

Or, how about...the bathroom going from "so-so to SPARKLING" by every Friday having all surfaces completely wiped down including partitions, ceiling vents, corners, stainless steel, mirrors, baseboards etc. PLUS, leaving a small "tent" card saying "Professionally Cleaned and Sanitized!"... from your friends at XYZ Cleaning.

Do You Think They Might Notice THAT on Monday?!

We think so too.

By the way.... we all know in many cases, our customers are being bombarded weekly with cleaning companies begging to get a shot at bidding on cleaning their building.

So, here's the ‘MILLION DOLLAR' question:

If you can pro-actively create and implement a plan to consistently create a number of moments, even just weekly - where your customer NOTICES your cleaning and is DELIGHTED, what do you think they're likely to do NOW, with those solicitations to bid they get from other cleaning companies during the month?

Yeah, we think so too.

Call Today at 888-531-4878, Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM. Ask for Brian to:

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