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That’s right; before we start, we should make it clear… we’re definitely NOT for everybody.

If you’d rather do things the hard way because some so-called “expert” said you had to spend more than a few painful years, like they did, desperately begging to learn the “ins and outs” of the cleaning biz… and you believed them!?… we’re probably NOT for you!

Or if you’re satisfied with how fast you’re growing, and are happy with the money you’re making now, then, we’re definitely NOT what you’re looking for.

And, finally, if you’re not open to change, or are easily offended by new ideas, explained in a direct, pull-no-punches approach, then we’re probably not going to be your cup-of-tea either!

Feel free to look elsewhere…no hard feelings.

But, if you do want to “get your hands” on the strategies that really work, and if you’re ready to start NOW to create a FAST growing and PROFITABLE cleaning business… then, my friend, you’re definitely in the right place!

What you’ll read in this book may surprise, or even shock you, but it may be just what you need to hear…or more importantly, need to know!

That’s it then.

We’re going to “yank”, not gently pull back, the curtains to reveal the behind-the-scenes, insider secrets to success in the cleaning business.

We’ll reveal how we did it, and more importantly, how YOU can do it too! Still interested? OK, let’s get started.

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In “Discover the Guru in YOU!”, You’ll Learn:

  • Why being ‘Green’ won’t save your cleaning business… and, more importantly, what actually CAN!… Insider Secret #2.
  • The super-easy way to get THE name of THE person in charge of hiring the janitorial service at the places you want to clean… Tip #11.
  • Which buildings to target for MAXIMUM profits - Property Managed or Owner Occupied? … Tip # 3.
  • What customers REALLY want? hint; it’s not perfect cleaning…Tip #15
  • How ‘something’ called an -MGP- can almost singlehandedly save your business!…Tip 16
  • What nearly magical words get prospects to ASK FOR YOU?… hint, it’s NOT “We’re bonded, licensed and insured!”… Tip #17
  • The ONE word secret to getting GREAT testimonials anytime!…Tip #23
  • Why being “helpful” and sounding “professional” may actually be hurting your sales, …and, what you should be doing starting now, that DOES work…Tips # 28, 29
  • An incredible step-by-step strategy to STOP hearing Your price is too high!ever again!… Tip 41
  • How simply changing your company name can drastically change your business FORTUNES!!.. Tip # 34
  • The simple, but powerful SECRET doctors and lawyers know to getting people to willingly pay more for their services…Tip # 44
  • How to “LOCK- in” the sale during the walkthrough….that’s right, way before you even deliver a proposal! …Tip # 38
  • WHY price per sq. ft. methods can be “bidding suicide”- plus, a quick and easy method that works a WHOLE lot better…Tip # 57
  • What makes customers NEVER want to leave you…oh, by the way, it’s NOT quietly doing a good job!…Insider Secret #6

What People are Saying About the Book:

I love this book! I am using a half dozen of their ideas in my cleaning company now and they have proven highly effective. Good, basic info for anybody looking to expand their business. I have it on my desk as a reference guide. Just add some ‘action’ on your part and you’re good to go!
Bruce I.

I have anxiously been waiting to purchase this book, I am not disappointed! It is really helping me in my janitorial and housecleaning business…I have already begun implentmenting ideas they suggest and surprise of all THE IDEAS WORK!

Lots of good info in this book! I have been one of the cleaning companies that’s been in the up & down cycle for a long time. I can see how the methods provided in this book should work. Now I’m going to put them to the test!

Don’t buy it – so I can use all the information in this book and have a GREAT ADVANTAGE over you! Love it! AND Amazon for delivering within 18 hours?! AWESOME!
Brooke C

I am delighted of the ease of understanding and all the abundance of information. the Janitorial sector needed something like this!
Carmen M.

If you have not worked for one of the very large janitorial/commercial cleaning firms, or have not been a senior manager in all parts the industry from sales to operations and accounts for many years then this is essential reading.

If you have done either of the above then you have less to learn, but will still get a little bit from this book although will find what it promises a bit over hyped.

None the less if you are not a long time veteran in the industry, or have not experienced the things that the really big companies do in all the different departments of such companies that make them the successes that they are, then you cannot afford not to read this book.

What is great about it, is that it is written by people who know the industry and have run their own business for many years and is the only book I have found so far with this knowledge. The books written by other people are nice in that they tell you most of the normal stuff, normally from managers who have run a large or small cleaning site. However as standard site managers they do not have this really practical experience and information that can only be gained from really managing and running all the many different parts of a cleaning company from marketing, sales, accounts, cleaning for lots of different sites and so on.
Friendly Reviewer, UK


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