Just Being ‘Green’ Won’t Save Your Janitorial Business

It’s nearly all you hear about, isn’t it? How you better get your janitorial business on the ‘green train’…and fast! Well, here’s the shocker: Just being ‘green’ isn’t going to be enough to keep you growing profitably. Nope. It might be ‘politically correct’ to think that being ‘green’ is the answer to everything that ails your cleaning business – but it’s not.

The good news is -before you’re done watching this episode of “Flip My Cleaning Business from Painful to PROFITABLE!” you’ll learn what we really think of the movement to go ‘green’ in the cleaning industry, as well as, what it can do for you and what it simply can’t. Then, will reveal how creating MGP’s, Measureable Guarantees of Performance in your cleaning business can grab your prospect’s attention MORE than the LOW prices offered by the low-balling outfits.


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